Natasha Jonas: A World Title & Peace

Natasha Jonas: A World Title & Peace

Just before Amir Khan and Kell Brook finally settle their differences, another British fighter will be hoping that she is finally able to call herself a world champion.

Natasha Jonas takes on the Uruguayan Chris Namus in a bold attempt to win the vacant WBO super-welterweight title. Jonas isn’t only attempting to beat her opponent, but also boxing logic.

The old boxing saying: “A good big ‘un will always beat a good little ‘un,” is often rolled out whenever a fighter has the audacity to attempt something beyond the perceived acceptable normal in a sport that is littered with false narratives.

In truth, it depends on just how good the smaller fighter is, and more crucially, the ability of fighter with the size advantage. Weight divisions do exist for a reason and admittedly size can often be the difference, but the reality is that levels in skill and talent are often a bigger deciding factor whenever a fighter tries to bridge the gap in size.

There is a difference in size, but maybe not as much as one might think. They have both weighed in closer to the welterweight limit than the super-welterweight division. Size matters, but this is probably a fight where skill will matter more.

Jonas has talked about doing it for her daughter, a little extra motivation for a fighter who should already be a world champion. The world title means plenty, her daughter means much more. She means everything. That inspiration could be the difference. Jonas could very well deliver on that promise to bring the world title home to her daughter. The Liverpool fighter desperately wants a world title, her wait could be about to end.

A fighter who believes that everything happens for a reason, falling just short against Terri Harper and Katie Taylor, could have all been for a night like this. Harper and Taylor were fights with restrictions, the eerie behind closed doors setting a far cry from what Jonas will experience tonight. Just maybe, it was supposed to happen on a night like this. It could be something special. Even this cynical old fool, might shed a tear.

The tears of despair in Wales after the heartbreaking defeat at the hands of Viviane Obenauf, could be replaced by tears of joy tonight. A proper celebration in front of her family and friends is the least she deserves.

Fate seems to decide that Jonas has to do it the hard way. But the greater the struggle, the greater reward, it could be that kind of night. A fight where Jonas gets the rewards her talents deserve.

The once broken fighter, now an inspiration in the face of adversity. Jonas would have been forgiven if she had walked into the sunset, but she stayed for a reason. Tonight could finally be her night. Her moment.

The search for her inner peace, career satisfaction and fulfilment has been long and often painful. It will probably have to be on points, and Namus should not be overlooked, but the long wait of Jonas should be over before Khan and Brook get to do their thing.

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