Nicola Hopewell: A Brand New Start

Nicola Hopewell: A Brand New Start

The decision to move from the present and enter a brand new world was in many ways inevitable. It has in truth been coming for some time, it always looked like a case of when not if Nicola Hopewell would move over.

The process is underway, if everything goes to plan Hopewell will soon be a licensed British Boxing Board of Control professional fighter. The Worksop fighter is targeting May for her debut, it may come sooner. Trust me, if she could, she would fight now.

Hopewell wasn’t happy where she was, there were many frustrations, but the decision was still by no means easy. It was down to loyalty to others or doing what was best for her career. Hopewell was seemingly on the road to nowhere, despite an unbeaten record and the plaudits about her talents. Putting a label onto something doesn’t justify its existence or its relevance.

The road to something will soon begin, and Hopewell holds no fears about having to start again. A short daily drive to a gym in nearby Dinnington is now the commute that will hopefully drive Hopewell to greater things.

Joe Elfidh will manage the super-flyweight prospect and Daz Metcalf is now the trainer of choice, and already the fighter seems a different person and a different fighter. Happy and excited, Hopewell is relishing the attention and time her new trainer is giving her. The fighter can already see the improvements in her game.

2022 will be one of establishing herself in her new world, but the move up the boxing ladder is likely to be a swift one. Hopewell feels she can be a world champion and due to the landscape of women’s boxing, if she keeps winning, her opportunity could come sooner rather than later.

Hopewell has always had that dream of competing on the same show as her good friend Ebanie Bridges, but a dream was in reality all it was. But now, there is real hope it could happen.

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