Sandy Ryan Steps Up To World Level

Sandy Ryan Steps Up To World Level

Despite some incredibly tough competition, Sandy Ryan is probably the hottest prospect in the sport right now. The nature of her sport would always dictate that Ryan would be pushed to world level sooner rather than later, and after just three professional fights, Ryan gets an upgraded opponent for her next outing.

Ryan was always too ambitious, impatient, and more importantly, far too good, to be kept waiting for her opportunity at the top level. In March, Ryan gets her wish.

The former two-weight world champion Erica Farias will come to Nottingham looking to extend the former amateur star far more than Ryan’s three professional opponents have done so far.

Ryan has breezed through her opposition in the paid ranks without getting out of first gear, and with some degree of arrogance. Make no mistake, Ryan knows how good she is and Ryan appears to have every reason to carry that level of self-confidence. The unbeaten prospect has the look of a fighter who is destined to win multiple world titles.

Despite being on a losing run, Farias has mixed with the elite of the sport in recent times. The likes of Mikaela Mayer and Jennifer McCaskill have found Farias is still a fighter with some degree of ambition. Farias is unlikely to be coming to Nottingham just for a paid holiday.

How Ryan deals with her, will tell us plenty to how near Ryan is to challenging for a world title herself. In many ways, Ryan vs Farias seems an inspired piece of matchmaking. It will more than serve its purpose.

2022 promises to be a big year for the women’s side of the sport. There are potentially three big fights pending, and hopefully, boxing politics take this year off, and we are not denied the fights that will take women’s boxing to another level. But there is another fight that could be added to the mix.

Ryan and Chantelle Cameron is a rivalry that is simmering quite nicely, and there is every chance it happens this year. Ryan’s fight with Farias will give us a pretty good indication to just how close that big domestic showdown is.

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