Q & A With Hannah Baggaley

Q & A With Hannah Baggaley

By Dan Kelly

Q: Tell us a bit about your background where are you from? How old was you when you started boxing and why did you start? Was anybody of inspiration to you?

A: I’m from Blackpool originally and now living out of Manchester due to relocating for boxing and looking for jobs in that area! I was 14 when I started boxing due to always being in trouble fighting, my dad thought I should use my energy in a better way. I liked it but I didn’t fall in love with it, I soon got bored when I got a social life and packed it in for a while. I then picked it back up when I was 21 after sparring a girl and dropping her, she then decided she didn’t want to fight on the show anymore, so I took her place with 5 weeks training! In all honesty I had no real inspiration when I started the sport.

Q: You’re currently 1-0 as a pro so the boxing world hasn’t seen much of the Hurricane yet. I wonder, realistically how many fights do you and your trainer see yourself having this year and what can we expect you to bring to the squared circle?

A: Very good question, and to be honest if you would have asked me before my pro debut I would have said realistically four fights a year is what we were aiming at. But it seems we struggle to even get one in, as you have probably seen I have had let down after let down in the last year for one reason or another. This year we are having a minimum of 3-5 fights and hopefully, you will get to see all sides of my boxing and not just the power we know I have!

Q: At this very early stage of your pro career you’ve been interacting on social media a lot, growing your supporter base by following fans back and having good exchanges and interactions. Which is what the fans want, so will you remain consistent with it? And does it give you extra motivation not just on fight night but during training and your camp?

A: Yeah, to be honest I love interacting with people I did it based on the fact that I love talking about boxing and life but now it’s become just a natural part of the boxing life and just my day to day life. I wouldn’t say it motivates me more but it makes me excited for when my friends and fans from the internet come to my fights and I hear my name cheered. I get to meet people in person to then solidify the connection you make on the internet. Without those people my career would be nothing.

Q: Do you have any pre or post fight rituals? Anything you’re superstitious about?

A: No, I don’t have any pre or post fight rituals, I used to always have a certain regime of eating when I was unlicensed but things have changed now I’m in the pro game. However, Arnie my coach is superstitious about always putting my left glove on and tying my left glove first to ensure I come in and out the fight/sparring/training safe!

Q: Women’s boxing has grown massively in recent years, and it will only grow more in the coming years. So what are the aspirations for yourself? How far do you believe you can go in the sport?

A: I truly believe with my mindset, willing to learn, my determination and my attitude to the sport I can one day sit at world level. I’m a raw novice in the sport and would say I am sitting comfortably with in the pro game already and I’m just excited to keep learning and improving and taking me and my team to the top.

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