Ebanie Bridges: “If people respect me then great if not then I don’t really care.”

Ebanie Bridges: “If people respect me then great if not then I don’t really care.

“Never retract, never explain, never apologise; get things done and let them howl.” –Nellie McClung

Success breeds envy and resentment. It’s nothing new. It will never stop. Ebanie Bridges knows this better than most.

“The price of success is to bear the criticism of envy.” –Denis Waitley

Bridges and her success is self-made, she built it and in many ways, has earned it. But some of her contemporaries and the random often faceless social media accounts, resent the opportunities that have come her way over the last 18 months. Some of that resentment you can kind of understand, but rather than let the mind become consumed by jealousy and rage, the energy would be better served on learning from what Bridges has carved out for herself.

I know how hard I work I respect myself, if people respect me then great if not then I don’t really care.

If Bridges has her way she will give the haters plenty more to hate in 2022. The Australian has laid bare her dream of going into the record books as a world champion, come March, Bridges will likely get a second chance to realise her dream.

Josh Warrington will headline another special and vocally passionate hometown show in March and Bridges wants in. The adopted Brit sees and feels Leeds as her second home. A world title fight on her hallowed ground, Bridges is understandably excited at the prospect. It looks like a case of when not if her place on the card will be formally announced.

Bridges battled Covid over Christmas and the hand that she badly hurt in her last fight with Mailys Gangloff last September is still not 100%, but Bridges isn’t one to sit and wait for the perfect time. The pain is part of the sacrifice with the rewards to follow.

The return to the UK is imminent, Mark Tibbs will guide her on her return. Bridges and Tibbs spent time together at the end of last year, their working relationship will develop further. Bridges is in good hands.

Bridges is strong-willed enough to rise above the rumours of no substance, hate and all the rest that sadly comes when someone rises above other people’s level of acceptance.

Skye Nicolson a fellow Australian who will shortly make her entry into the world of professional boxing, summed it up perfectly when I asked her about Bridges and the amount of hate she gets:

I think that people who hate for no reason is just poor jealousy. There is that poppy syndrome phrase, which basically means nobody wants the other poppies to be taller than them. They don’t mind seeing you do good but they don’t want you to see you doing better than them. People start to get a little hurt when they see other people getting recognition and opportunities.

Win lose or draw Bridges will continue to do her thing, and bring excitement with it. And why shouldn’t she? It’s worked extremely well so far. The pugilistic chess player always plots her life and career more than a few moves in advance. She seemingly always has a plan. Make no mistake, Bridges knows what she is doing.

Bridges has always had to fight in her life, adversity, resilience and plenty of it is part of the story. Overcoming life itself is probably her biggest strength, and it makes the success even more rewarding. People with a clear vision and without prejudice can see the obvious. Bridges knows the hate will continue, even winning a world title won’t stop it. But there are valuable lessons others could take from what she has achieved. You can sit in silence and wait for the phone to ring or you can take matters and your life into your own hands and make it happen. Bridges chose the latter, what other people think will likely be of little concern to her.

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