Emma Dolan: “You will see come fight night I’m a different breed to these girls.”

Emma Dolan: “You will see come fight night I’m a different breed to these girls.”

By Tom Quinton

Every so often you speak to someone and can feel the words they are telling you, what’s more is that you can’t help but come away believing it yourself.

Speak to Emma Dolan and you will think you are talking to a future world champion.

In an era where a lot of talking and life is left on social media, it holds a lot of clout and really makes you take notice when someone speaks with such a belief that they are made of stuff destined for the very top.

There is no messing around when it comes to straight talking with unbeaten B
bantamweight boxer Dolan. Just cold, hardened and to the point answers with a spitefulness that should put the whole division on notice.

“It fills me with a lot of confidence when I hear the reactions some of these girls get on Sky Sports, Dazn or whatever platforms because they are getting very high praise for some very average performances.

“I don’t even think some of them have been as good as my past two fights. I look forward to getting on one of those cards and making a statement. I can’t wait for them to see me and see what they have to say.”

An explosive debut in September which lasted just 53 seconds followed up with a one sided point’s victory, Dolan knows another good outing this weekend can set up an exciting 2022 when she takes on Gemma Ruegg at the Norfolk Showground.

“We are certainly not looking past this one, it’s another step up but if I want to get to where I want to be this is a fight I should be winning. She’s coming to win, I respect that but you will see come fight night I’m a different breed to these girls.

“It will be nice to fight in front of a big crowd in my home city, my debut was the first time I had fought at ‘home’ but it’s not really about that. I’ve fought most of my amateur career away and out of the country but I don’t really mind where I fight, when I’m in the ring that’s them I’m at home.

“You can climb the ladder quickly in the women’s game. 3-0 puts me well on my way to some big fights. Get me in there with Ebanie Bridges, I’ll put her down under.  
It’s not just the honesty she speaks with when evaluating her competitors it’s the people Dolan looks too emulate that let you know she means business.

“I’m not one of these people to make noise over social media. I’m not posting videos of me on the sticks or beating up a punch bag. I’m in the busy in the gym.

“I’ve been boxing since I was 9 years old. I’m a boxing anorak. I watch and study fighters like Tommy Hearns, Larry Holmes, Marvin Hagler Lennox Lewis, Eric Morales. They know the sweet art of boxing and know what war is. My physique gives me the chance to box like them.”

Her tall and long limbed frame has seen her tower over her last two opponents with Dolan praising the team she has around her for bringing the best out of these attributes.

“I’ve been working with Graham (Everett) for around a year now, what he doesn’t know about boxing isn’t worth knowing. He’s trained fighters from British level to World level, we have a really good understanding.

“I’m big for the weight and never had a problem making it unlike others. My height and reach stands out, I use it well but there’s also speed and power, I know how to use it. To be honest I could probably come down to super-fly, I’d be an absolute animal there.”

Dolan knew there was violence in her fists when she first stepped into a boxing gym and by her own admission ‘made a boy cry and it was great’ being just the start of a journey that has taken the 23 year old over Europe during her amateur days with Team England boxing.

“My amateur days were good. I won a lot of titles and competition, I was the Tri-Nationals champion winning by KO in the final, won the women’s winter box cup, lost a split-decision in the Haringey Box Cup final and beat Ramla Ali on route to the final on the Senior Elites Final.

“We’ve boxed over in Sweden, Finland, Turkey, Ireland and against a lot of different style. Americans, Italians, Russians, Scandinavians, Bulgarians. It’s all good learning.

“I’d had 49 amateur fights and won 39 before I turned over. I would have liked to get to 50 but COVID meant I couldn’t get there. I’m pleased with what I achieved.

“A few of the loses where tough to take but I’ve got a chance to avenge a few of those now as a lot of the girls in the mix with me have turned over too. There are some very good domestic flights to be made. Statement fights. I know I’m World Title material, there is no need to rush.”

A boxing purist at heart, Dolan admits her ‘apprenticeship’ is over after years spent ‘fine tuning’ her craft and the ‘fundamentals of boxing’ in which she thinks a lot of her competitors don’t hold.

“A lot of the girls have turned over after a few amateur fights and think they are electric. You can pick any of the fights this year and it’s not hard to see nobody knows how to defend. Your face is not a defence.
“Look at Courtenay vs Bridges, yeah I guess it was an exciting fight and a bit of a war but if either of those girls knows how to parry a punch or even throw a jab it would have been an easy night’s work.

“I can’t remember a fight when either of them hasn’t come out all marked up. Stop defending with your face or it will be a short career.”

In what is probably domestically the most exciting female division in the UK, there are plenty of fights to keep the British audience entertained across a host of platforms and Dolan is one more name to add to that list entertainers.

Her words were not spoken with arrogance or to take a swipe at others but through sheer belief that she is talking facts.

Be sure to keep an eye out for her fight this weekend but if you can’t, I wouldn’t be too surprised if Dolan is a name you see lighting up your TV screens for many years to come.

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