Natasha Jonas Returns With A Points Win

Natasha Jonas Returns With A Points Win

Natasha Jonas eased back with a comfortable win over 6 rounds over the tough Lithuanian Vaida Masiokaite tonight in London. Jonas got the nod via an official score of 59-55. This observer had Jonas winning every round.

Jonas showed signs of ring rust in the early rounds but she finally found her range in the closing two rounds as she threatened to force the stoppage, especially in the 5th round when Jonas showed her class. ‘Miss GB’ was patient, probably a little too patient at times, but the extended work will serve her well.

The match-up was deemed worthy of much criticism by some, but the call up came very late in the day and was only officially confirmed on Wednesday evening. The call went out to numerous fighters, including ones with unbeaten records, for varying reasons they all declined. Masiokaite was available, and for Jonas, it was either fight her or nobody.

Make no mistake, Jonas wanted a tougher fight on her return, and for anyone to accuse her of only wanting easy fights, maybe look at the story in full and more so, her previous two fights, in which she was widely expected to lose, and get stopped badly in the process.

The critics forget that turning down the Matchroom deal to go with Boxxer/Sky forces Jonas to have those tough fights that many accuse her of wanting to avoid to get another crack at Katie Taylor and the rest of the world champions. It is in truth, her only way back in.

Without a fight since her titanic tussle with Taylor in May and with only that bout and the Terri Harper fight in the last two years, Jonas needed the rounds. Going the distance will be more beneficial going forward for Jonas than a quick inside the distance victory.

Jonas promises a big year in 2022 and she will return early next year in that so far elusive search for a world title. Jonas knows she will have to work her way into a mandatory position to get a third crack at a world title. To do that, Jonas needs those tougher fights, and she knows it will have to be done the hard way. If she is successful in her quest, maybe then, her critics will finally give her the credit she deserves.

Photo Credit: Boxxer

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