Natasha Jonas: A New Beginning

Natasha Jonas: A New Beginning

It’s been a difficult time for Natasha Jonas of late. Potential fights at Fight Camp and Liverpool fell through because of the contractual differences and difficulties few will ever see or fully understand. But in many ways, Jonas will end the year on her terms.

Boxxer, maybe the true game-changing promotion right now, have Jonas signed to a multi-fight deal. Sky has her signature also and they have big plans for her.

The onscreen role for Jonas has already begun, and it will develop further. The punditry and commentating is just the beginning. Jonas has ambitions to develop further and way beyond boxing. The Sky deal is paramount to her future, it gives her security once her boxing career is finally over.

But the boxing story still has that final chapter yet to be written. Jonas turned professional because of unfinished business, that business isn’t yet concluded.

Jonas returned for peace, to have career satisfaction. A world title will give her that. Jonas in her last two fights has come desperately close to realising that dream.

The fights with Terri Harper and Katie Taylor were classic encounters, both were fight of the year candidates. Jonas in this observers opinion beat Harper in 2020, and the Taylor fight in May was decided by wafer-thin margins. Jonas could and should have been a world champion already but she is keen to show that there is one last run left in her.

That run begins this Saturday in London. Jonas has replaced Caroline Dubois at short notice, and the fight represents the first steps on the road to much bigger things in 2022.

The late call up will mean the quality of opposition put in front of her will be criticised by some. But that late call restricts greatly what can be done.

Boxxer in their search for an opponent have had to work around Covid restrictions, fighter availability and their willingness to take a fight at late notice. The call has gone out, some have turned the opportunity down including ones without a blemish on their record. When the opponent is finally agreed and announced, the critics need to have a little bit of understanding about the bigger picture. Make no mistake, Jonas wanted the best available fighter.

The year ahead promises big things. Boxxer have the financial muscle to give her the opportunities she craves. Jonas will go where the opportunity lies best. Anything from super-featherweight right up to welterweight are possible options for her, somewhere in the middle would be the preferred option.

Being outside of the Matchroom bubble causes obvious issues of difficulty, but boxing never runs in straight lines. Very quickly things can change, the door can be left ajar in the most unexpected manner. Titles can become vacant for many a reason, and Jonas has said she has no problems taking hard fights to force her way into a mandatory position. Difficult is by no means impossible. Boxing shouldn’t be decided and dictated to by one promotion.

The new beginning gets underway in London, a fight to dust off the cobwebs for the year ahead that could give her everything she wants to finally have that peace.

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