Molly McCann Signs New 4-Fight UFC Contract

Molly McCann Signs New 4-Fight UFC Contract

Molly McCann has been counted out many times in her life and career. If you look resilience up in the dictionary, you would expect to see McCann named in the explanation. Trust me, she has overcome many things in her life.

The latest test was back in September, as McCann said herself: “It was go big or go home.” Meatball went big and has been rewarded with a brand new UFC 4-fight contract.

Ji Yeon Kim, the opponent in Las Vegas, was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Riding a two-fight skid, fighting out her existing UFC contract, McCann had to win or she would be cut from the roster. It really was that simple.

McCann (11-4) found something extra in her hour of need, this was a fighter who simply wouldn’t be denied. All week long there was something in the air. Not for the first time, McCann delivered when she needed it the most.

The journey continues early next year, McCann kept the dream alive in Vegas, and that performance promises so much more.

Photo Credit: Molly McCann

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