Rhiannon Dixon Makes A Successful Return

Rhiannon Dixon Makes A Successful Return

Rhiannon Dixon had the perfect fight this afternoon in Bolton to end her extended hiatus from the ring.

Karina Kopinska the Polish fighter who always gives value for money, helped Dixon brush off the cobwebs before losing 40-36 over 4 rounds to the unbeaten lightweight prospect.

Dixon in her first fight under the tutelage of the former world champion Anthony Crolla, showed the improvements she had promised beforehand. Gone is the reckless abandon of old, the odd sign of ring rust was understandable after so long out, but Dixon can be extremely proud of her work and can look forward to the bigger nights that lie ahead.

Targeting the body throughout from her southpaw stance and resisting the obvious urge to stay in the pocket for too long, Dixon eased to her third win in the paid ranks.

Dixon showed far more awareness to her defence than in her previous two professional fights. It was a new beginning in many ways.

Dixon got the rounds she needed and showed the growing ring maturity she will need as her career advances. The winner looked sharp against an opponent who made her work for her win without ever threatening to win the fight herself. Kopinska is one of the many unsung heroes that boxing needs for its survival and credibility.

The promise has been evident since her professional debut, even more so now with Crolla now part of the team. The references have been glowing from sparring with the stars. Another benefit from the Crolla link up. The likes of Natasha Jonas, Chantelle Cameron and others have refined that early raw talent. Dixon is where she needs to be.

The next chapter will be written in Liverpool next month, a big opportunity on the big Liam Smith Anthony Fowler Matchroom show. Her place on that platform shows the potential she has. Just by being at the table says plenty.

Dixon has been denied an opportunity to shine since her last fight in 2019. The period of ring isolation is now over and Dixon will be granted the opportunities she craves and deserves. Dixon is a potential star in women’s boxing, after so long away, the Wigan prospect is finally back.

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