Ebanie Bridges: Chasing Glory

Ebanie Bridges: Chasing Glory

There is a part of Ebanie Bridges life that has inspired and driven her to be the person and fighter she is today.

Many have troubled, traumatic starts in life. Some crumble and never escape life’s black hole. Only a few prosper from it, turning their lives around, learning and recovering from the lows of that early life.

Ebanie Bridges is one of the few, leaving the past behind her, and those dark days are now the driving force behind what she has now become. A desire to not waste a single second of her life is evident from what we have seen this past year or so.

It has been a life saved, a life changed. The one-time mechanic, the one-time bodybuilder, now a maths teacher and very much a professional boxer. Breaking stereotypes is very much her thing, the latest proving that you don’t have to look a certain way to be a boxer. It’s easy to judge a book by the cover without looking at what lies within.

The rise to prominence in these last few months has been nothing short of staggering. She brings something different to the table. She brings what people want. Bridges knows her market, she knows what works. But beyond all the showmanship, the crucial thing is, she can actually fight. There is meaning and more importantly, substance to the show. Trust me, there are a lot of fake people in boxing, Bridges isn’t one of them.

Any lingering doubts about her right to be on the big stage left with her performance against Shannon Courtenay, even more so with how she blew away a fit and ready Bec Connolly. As good as she is now, she is getting better.

All the followers in the world will only get you so far, to stay relevant in boxing, you have to perform where it matters. Bridges is still very much the novice, 7 fights and counting. But she has a thirst for knowledge and what we have already seen may only have scratched the surface of her potential.

The old life and loved ones temporarily left behind in search of her dream. Make no mistake, there have been big and painful sacrifices made in pursuit of what she wants. Chasing glory comes at a cost.

The globetrotting has meant training in different gyms, but the miles on the clock are not wasted, wherever she is, she finds a way.

The latest step on this journey to who knows where is tonight against the tough Mailys Gangloff. The Australian will grace the big Leeds outdoor show, and while many eyes will be on Josh Warrington in his career at risk rematch against Mauricio Lara, Bridges will have plenty of interest in her third fight on UK soil.

The odds are wide, but Gangloff might surprise, certainly in making it a far more competitive fight than those odds might suggest. Rounds in the bank won’t do Bridges any harm going forward.

The plan is to then stay active before the seemingly inevitable rematch with Courtenay. Only the current WBA bantamweight champion of the world needs convincing that a second fight between the pair makes sense.

But the Courtenay reluctance, at least for now, will push Bridges in another direction. There are other champions available, and sooner rather than later Bridges will get her chance at one of them. With a belt, Courtenay will then surely be tempted. Like Bridges, it is a rivalry that is just getting started.

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