Marcus Morrison: “I’ve always been in the game to reach the top.”

Marcus Morrison: “I’ve always been in the game to reach the top.”

By Lewie Laing

“I honestly believe I’m coming into my prime, there are some massive fights out there for me,” says Marcus Morrison, with his sites firmly set on a British title shot and the biggest fights.

Morrison returns this Friday, looking to get back to winning ways following defeat to Chris Eubank Jr last time out. Although Morrison lost on the night, it was a performance that saw his stock rise in a fight he could not decline. 

“Covid threw a spanner in the works for everyone. After that long of a layoff, there was no way I was going to turn an opportunity and fight down like that. It was a huge opportunity, a massive fight, and obviously, it didn’t pay off but I think I came out with credit. I feel like I gave a good account of myself. From that, I think it’s opened doors for bigger fights.”

Morrison has taken confidence in that defeat, holding his own against a world-level fighter in Eubank Jr, going the distance over 10 rounds, and is looking to use the experience to his advantage.

“I do believe Eubank Jr is above British level. He’s a good fighter, puts his punches together well, he’s a good operator.  The fact I’ve been in there with him, I feel will give me confidence going up against British level fighters. I feel like I’m more than capable of mixing it with the top five or six guys in Britain.”

A shot a the British title and big fights are what ‘Sweet MNM’ now has his eyes on, should Friday’s return go according to plan. Morrison has been a pro for seven years now and does not want to be hanging around taking fights that aren’t meaningful. A shot at the British title and upwards from there is the plan.

“I’ve got to keep my eyes fixed on Friday. It’s a bit of a tick over fight, over 6 rounds to get me back under the lights and shake off some ring rust. Once Friday is out the way, we’ll be looking for a big fight towards the end of the year. I’d like a shot at the British title that Felix Cash holds, I’ve always wanted a crack at that, it’s a title I’m desperate to get hold of.”

Morrison is now a more senior member of the Joe Gallagher Gym and has experienced highs and lows in the pro ranks. Training alongside up-and-coming fighters such as debutant Callum Thomspon who is also on Friday nights card, reminds Morrison of his days just starting out. It also highlights how quickly time passes and why he now must strive towards his fulfilling his ambitions.

“I’ve always been in the game to reach the top. I’m under no illusions that it’s a tough road but I’m willing to put the work in and wait my turn, which I feel that I have done. When I do get opportunities at this level I’ve got to take them now. I remember my debut like it was yesterday, but I’m 28 now, I’m not just turning over anymore, I have got to take my chance at this level and prove myself, then we’ll look forward from there. I’ve never got into boxing just for domestic titles, I’ve got bigger aspirations, and I’d like to go on to bigger things than that.

“The British title isn’t my end goal.  I’ve always liked the idea of the route a lot of British fighters take, British, Commonwealth, European, and go from there. If any other opportunity comes up though, that I feel will kick my career on, I’ll snatch your hand off for it.”

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