Hanna Hansen: “It’s all or nothing. If I want something I will do everything I can to get it.”

Hanna Hansen: “It’s all or nothing. If I want something I will do everything I can to get it.

Life can take many twists and turns. Early dreams are sometimes shattered or unfulfilled, and a new career path is needed. Most are lucky if they succeed in one walk of life, most fail, those that climb to the top are rare. Hanna Hansen is one of the few, even more so when you realise she has conquered multiple worlds and is now embarking on reaching the summit in another.

The early years saw a passion for modelling, and a dream to excel in that field and travel the world doing what she loved. Hansen is nothing if not driven, a determination to succeed in everything that she does. it was an incredibly successful period in her life. Meeting famous people, travelling all over the world, that early dream morphed into something very special indeed. Hansen, despite the at times tough life, told FightPost how much she values the whole experience:

“I started modelling when I was 19. I travelled to Paris and decided to live there. I started looking for modelling agencies over there, knocking on every door. I really wanted to model over there and eventually, I got my first agency in Paris and then started to work as a model. It was a really special time, I did so many editorials for so many good and well-known brands. I did a shoot for Vivienne Westwood and at the after-show party Naomi Campbell was there dancing with her security, and it was just really cool to see her. I was also actually on the front cover of FHM Fashion in Paris. After Paris, I went to Milan, then to Athens where I lived for three or four months and then I came back to Paris. I met and spoke to so many famous people like Jennifer Lopez. Then I came back home to Germany because you had to stay so thin and I didn’t like it, and the fact that I couldn’t talk and I love to talk. I then did a lot of TV commercials in Germany.”

Hansen lived the life as a model, enjoying the benefits of an industry that is glamourous but hard. Jules Mumm, Escada, Hugo Boss and other well-known brands gave Hansen the profile many would envy. But it came at a price. That hard unrelenting life as a model is hard on the body and mind, and Hansen wanted more:

“The highs of the fashion world was that I met so many nice and famous people. But there were also many lows. You had to be thin all the time, you have to do what they want you to do. You are just a product of this brand or that brand and that’s it. My goal as a child was to be my own brand. Someone who talked to the community, to create things.”

When the modelling career came to an end Hansen returned home to Germany, a spell acting and working as a TV host kept Hansen busy if not totally satisfied. But another passion ignited a flame and the start of a new career. Hansen has a love for music, a new life as a DJ formed the next chapter in her life:

“I love music, but I can’t sing a note and that’s why I decided to become a DJ around twelve years ago. I became very famous really quickly. When I started out there were very few female DJ’s and with my previous career as a model, it was easy to get my first job. Nobody thought I could do it I was totally underestimated. I travelled the world, I went to the Philippines, Singapore, Lebanon, Tunisia, New York and other places around the world. I played my music literally everywhere. I’m so thankful I got to see so many places around the world and meet so many people from different cultures. The music world is so positive, it was amazing and I got to do it for over 10 years.”

Hansen is the type of person who has to excel in everything she does. Taking part isn’t enough, a winning mentality to be the best she can be at whatever discipline she applies herself to:

“It’s all or nothing, I am so focused. If I want something I will do everything I can to get it. That is why I am so successful in so many different genre’s.”

A career in sports happened by chance. With a desire just to get in shape, Hansen started kickboxing. but it developed into something far more. After being encouraged to compete she won the German national title five times before winning the world kickboxing title. But when she became a mother her fighting life took a back seat, but maybe predictably Hansen wanted to enter yet another new world:

“After giving birth to my second child two years ago I wanted to get back into sports. I did everything I wanted in kickboxing and I wanted a bigger and different stage. So I decided to change sports to boxing. I was always a strong boxer and I wanted to become a professional boxer. The funny thing is a famous boxer was a neighbour of mine, Maurice Weber, who is currently training Felix Sturm. When I was kickboxing we talked a lot about Martial Arts. We were friends and when I decided to box I asked Maurice if he would be my coach. So he started to train me and he seems very happy with me and I am certainly happy that he is my coach. It was so cool to prepare alongside Felix Sturm and train with such legends of the sport.”

The days are long for Hansen including multiple sessions in the Sturm Universum Gym in Hamburg, but the never-ending aspect of her life is something she revels in. The love of what she does drives her forward and replicating the success she has had elsewhere, should not be ruled out:

“I wake up in the morning at 5am, because my youngest child doesn’t like to sleep that long, so my night is over at that time in the morning. We have breakfast together then she goes to kindergarten and I have my first training session of the day. Then I go for different types of physio, and then I go to meetings and send emails off because I am looking for sponsors. Then I go for my second training session. After that, I have the kids. So it’s a full day of boxing and just being a mother. I love it, sport is my life, I couldn’t breathe without it.”

Very quickly Hansen is up and running in her new sport. The last kickboxing contest was over three years ago, but showing few signs of ring rust her professional debut ended with a win. Nana Chakhvashvili was stopped inside two rounds and on August 21st in Hamburg, Hansen is back out again and looking to build on her maiden victory. That first win kicked off her new career and it couldn’t have gone any better:

“I loved every second of my professional debut in June. I wasn’t nervous at all because I was so well prepared everything had gone so well and I was totally focussed. We had a plan and I did exactly what I was told to do and I got to enjoy my first fight as a boxer. I was home again.”

Hansen 37, has conquered many worlds in her life, and boxing is her latest quest. The super-welterweight hopeful is a southpaw and comes with reputed power, two assets that could take her far. Hansen has ambitions to go a very long way. There is a goal, she wants world titles:

“I want to be a world champion and I want to do it as soon as possible.”

It’s not only about winning for herself, Hansen wants to raise the profile of boxing in Germany and promote the women’s side of her sport in her native country which is still struggling to find the growth it has elsewhere. Hansen has achieved plenty in her life, and while boxing will be her toughest challenge yet, nobody should write her off.

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