Ebanie Bridges vs Bec Connolly: Press Conference Quotes

Ebanie Bridges vs Bec Connolly: Press Conference Quotes

Ebanie Bridges:

“I thought that my last fight was a perfect introduction of ‘The Blonde Bomber’ to the world. I might not have had my hand raised but everything about that fight, the lead up and how it went down, I was very pleased with that. I’m happy to be back. 
“When I’m in the gym, I don’t get my phone out and film myself, when I go to the gym it’s business. I’m very serious, you might not see a lot of my gym stuff, my training, working the craft, but I think that’s also a sign of me working hard. The other stuff I do is just me being The Blonde Bomber, having fun and engaging with fans.
“I’ll do anything for boxing, I haven’t been home in Australia since the beginning of March, I had to go to Mexico, that was an amazing experience. Being in Philly was just unreal, eight weeks of camp, I learnt so much and I’m excited to show everyone my improvements.
“I think everyone wants to get respect for what they train so hard in, to say that I don’t really care is pushing it, but everyone has their opinions. If people don’t want to give me their respect, I don’t care, but it’s nice when I do get it and get recognised for my skill and the hard work I put, but I’m not going to be bothered by it when I don’t.
“We’re going to see the very best Bec Connolly in there, so that’s going to be exciting as well – we’ve seen what she can do. On short notice dropping weight she looks shredded; we all know she’s a tough cookie. But come August 7 that cookie is going to crumble – I’m going to break it down and get that win.”

Bec Connolly:

“That [Courtenay vs Bridges] is the kind of fight, I as a fan, like to watch so big respect to both women after that fight. It’s not always about the skillset, it’s the type of fighter you like to watch. Boxing is a business at the end of the day, if you can’t put bums on seats and you’re not selling to people, you’re not anything – I think she’s [Ebanie] done a really good job of that.
“This is the thing in the women’s game that people don’t understand, there’s no depth in the division. You have here and the world class, with no one filling the gap. People forget that you say the Terri Harper, Natasha Jonas, Rachel Ball, but in my second pro fight I fought Kristine Shergold, she was a legit World Champion – I saw her win over 10 rounds against Kalliopi Kourouni.
“People like Elaine Greenan, she’s no joke of a fighter, none of them have been jokes. I kind of saw it as if you can’t get past me, you aren’t going all the way to the top. Hats off to the ones that are taking that tough fight in their first fight, because you know they’re class – the likes of Ellie Scotney.”

Photo Credit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

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