Bec Connolly: Opportunity Knocks

Bec Connolly: Opportunity Knocks

Nothing in her life has come easy. It’s been hard, incredibly hard, many would have crumbled under the weight of what has been thrown at Bec Connolly. The story has been written many times, the autobiography will not be an easy read.

But just maybe, things are changing. The ‘Lady Luck’ moniker is ironic. Any luck, especially in the last 12 months or so would have been accepted with both hands.

Connolly has suffered emotionally and financially, the pandemic hit her fitness based business hard. Without clients, there was no money. With her family to feed, food needed to be put on the table. Connolly went looking for work elsewhere, spells of industrial cleaning and scaffolding shows what she is about. She took the work, no matter where it was or what it was.

There were fights in that time that served a purpose, they helped feed, but they were taken to the detriment of her career. Ellie Scotney and Ramla Ali, two highly-touted prospects beat Connolly. At times both fights were tough to watch, but the born fighter in Connolly saw her reach the end. There is no quit in Connolly.

The fight with Ali was taken at short notice, a few days to cut the required weight, no training camp of any note. It was an almost impossible task. But it was a payday, at that time Connolly did what she had to do. Another day at the office, mouths to feed, Connolly has sacrificed plenty in her life.

The hard graft in different worlds has kept Connolly going, it’s been in many ways, a survival of the fittest. But finally, things are changing. The restrictions have eased, work has picked up, Connolly is on the rise.

This Saturday night at Fight Camp, Connolly has a rare luxury. She has a fight, a fight she asked for, a fight she desperately wanted and a fight with a full training camp and at a weight, she is most comfortable at.

Ebanie Bridges was the target, at one time the opportunity looked lost. Bridges was looking to America, but the stars aligned, and Connolly got her wish.

Connolly is 3-9 as a pro, the record looks average but it hides plenty. Fights at short notice, at the wrong weight, against top-quality opposition, Connolly has learned that boxing is a sport of constant hard knocks.

Bridges and Connolly are likely to steal the show, and Connolly will more than play her part. The odds strongly favour the Australian, but Connolly is in a good place, and clearly fancies her chances of springing the upset.

A win changes everything for Connolly, Bridges has got herself known to the masses, beating her, would elevate Connolly’s career to unprecedented heights.

Despite the unassuming record, and the setbacks inside and outside of the ring, Connolly still has ambitions in the sport. Defeating Bridges would open doors, and very few would begrudge Connolly her moment and what would come her way after, if she did indeed pull off the unlikely win.

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