Paddy Pimblett: September & Beyond

Paddy Pimblett: September & Beyond

Liverpool’s Paddy Pimblett should have been in the UFC many years ago. On sheer talent, Pimblett should already be well on the way to chasing UFC gold. But while he didn’t lack for the required skills to ply his trade in the world’s biggest MMA promotion, the dedication, discipline or maturity wasn’t yet a part of his arsenal.

Pimblett (16-3) has seen his progress stalled by surprise defeats, injuries and his lack of focus. He has been down, seeing all the hopes and ambition potentially disappear before his eyes.

But out of that darkness came a new version of Pimblett. As the injuries healed, and the realisation his career could have ended without him fulfilling his immense potential, Pimblett returned a reborn fighter, and with the naivety of youth now gone, he is now finally in the UFC after previously turning down their advances.

The loss to Soren Bak in 2018 sent Pimblett on a downward spiral, but with first round victories over Decky Dalton and more recently Davide Martinez, Pimblett has now left the Cage Warriors family behind to finally test his skills in the UFC.

The former Cage Warriors featherweight champion will face Luigi Vendramini (9-2) on September 4th, tentatively scheduled for London, when he makes his maiden UFC walk. The Brazilian is 1-2 in the UFC and will be looking to rebound from his defeat to Fares Ziam at UFC 263.

Pimblett will divide opinion, but everyone will have an opinion on him, and that will bring more eyes to his fights. He is outspoken, opinionated and controversial, and that usually means the money will follow. His UFC run is unlikely to be a quiet one. The walkout and the post-fight interview will be just as entertaining as the fights themselves. No script no filter.

Pimblett will start his UFC career at lightweight but could if his body allows move back down to featherweight. But regardless of the division he eventually settles in, Pimblett has joined the UFC at the perfect time in his life and his career. Despite being seemingly around forever, Pimblett is only 26. There have been lost years, but the peak years are still ahead of him.

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