Be True To You: Meatball Molly’s Coming Out Story

Be True To You: Meatball Molly’s Coming Out Story

Written by Molly McCann
Illustrated by Sean Webster

(A scouser collaboration!)

UFC flyweight MeatBall Molly McCann and 18-year-old Illustrator/Mural Artist Sean created this book together as a passion project to help young children and shine a light on such an overlooked day-to-day challenge.

A short, beautifully illustrated children’s book that shows the struggles and the fears of someone who is finding their sexuality.

This book is an easy read for young children who may not understand their sexuality just yet, it will allow parents to have safer conversations and promote a safe space to maybe come out in. The book explains how hard it was for Molly and also has pages where a child can also draw their story for their parents as a coming out aid.

With every book sold a donation will be made to StoneWall, and help towards breaking down barriers.

Published 30th June 2021
Available on Amazon
Price £9.50

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