Chantelle Cameron Deserves A Defining Fight

Chantelle Cameron Deserves A Defining Fight

In many ways, Chantelle Cameron deserved better on Saturday night. Melissa Hernandez had the resume, but not in recent times, and at several weight divisions below. With no fight since 2019, and at 41, the peak of Hernandez is a long way behind her. Why she was allowed to challenge for a world title in such circumstances will take some defending.

Cameron as predicted was too big, too fresh and way too good for Hernandez. The strange and premature intervention of the referee to stop the fight in the 5th round was unfair on both fighters, especially Cameron, who was denied the definitive conclusion her performance deserved. The Northampton fighter was near to perfection on her American debut. Post-fight she said it was easy, it was.

The reigning WBC super-lightweight champion was simply outstanding in making the first defence of her title. The boos from the crowd were harsh, and overshadowed what Cameron had shown us. A clinical dominating display full of spite and arrogance, Cameron just knew she was levels above her opponent.

Cameron (14-0) is a fighter who needs that career defining fight, she has been kept hidden in the shadows, avoided even, for too long.

Katie Taylor is the name Cameron constantly mentions in interviews, but the interest is never reciprocated. It would appear an easy and natural fight to make. But despite both being under the Matchroom umbrella, a fight with the Irish superstar appears to be remote at best.

Taylor seems set to face one of her many mandatory challengers next, before either a fight with Amanda Serrano or the rematch with Natasha Jonas after that. There appears no way in for Cameron until next year at best.

Cameron looks set for a mission to unify her division, but you wonder if even that is a true test for her talents. Taylor would still be her preference but the likes of the American Mary McGhee, the IBF champion, will have to satisfy the obvious hunger for now at least.

Not so long ago, Cameron was on the brink of leaving boxing behind her. The split with her previous team was acrimonious, and credits her new trainer Jamie Moore as the reason she is still in the sport. The partnership is working and the unhappy Cameron is no more. A fighter who looks to be improving with every fight.

Cameron is only 30, and is a fighter with time to get the fights she so badly craves and needs. But it is a race against time to get Taylor to share a ring with her. Taylor and Cameron are at different stages of their careers, and there is every chance another fighter will remove the 0 from Taylor’s record long before Cameron makes the short list of potential opponents.

But with or without Taylor, Cameron appears set for a long run at the top of her sport. All she needs is an opponent that will take her to another level, in performance and the recognition her talents deserve.

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