WOW HYDRATE Partners With New British Boxing Platform Fightzone

WOW HYDRATE Partners With New British Boxing Platform Fightzone

Protein and electrolyte water brand, WOW HYDRATE, today announced its partnership with new British boxing platform Fightzone.

Proud to support sports across all levels, WOW HYDRATE provides healthy hydration from grassroots, all the way up to world-class athletes.

WOW HYDRATE electrolyte and protein waters deliver all the essential nutrients at their most powerful via a unique push cap technology. Storing the ingredients in the cap guarantees that vitamins are at their optimum and flavours at their freshest at time of consumption. Refuelling the body without carbs, sugar or fats, each drink is also low in calories.

The all-new channel for true boxing fans, Fightzone will bring its members unlimited access to all dimensions of live boxing. Staging weekly Friday fight nights at 7:30pm – known as ‘Box O’Clock’ – the platform is committed to delivering 200 live fights per year, for just £4.99 per month for all members.

Endorsed by the likes of former two-weight world champion and British boxing legend Ricky Hatton, Fightzone will also provide the perfect place for fans to watch up-and-coming talent, and give 250 boxers the exposure they might not have had before.

Speaking about the partnership, Fightzone’s Head of Operations Phil Smith, said: “WOW HYDRATE have rapidly become a market leader with their innovative and high-quality drinks. We are absolutely delighted to have them on board and we look forward to a strong relationship moving forwards.”

“The likes of Tyson Fury, Josh Taylor, Conor Benn, David Coldwell and Ben Davison already endorse the brand, which shows just what an elite brand we are working with.”

WOW HYDRATE’s Manager Director, Jon Hayman, added: “We are very excited about our partnership with Fightzone. As a brand, we know how essential it is that all sportspeople receive healthy hydration, which is why we are so proud to support sports across all levels.”

“Our drinks are packed full of flavour while still being healthy, and provide vital vitamins, protein and electrolytes to maintain performance levels and aid recovery.”

What’s more, all WOW HYDRATE products are tested to the highest level and approved by Informed Sport, the UK’s leading certification for sports supplements. This ensures that all sportspeople can remain hydrated without any risks.

WOW HYDRATE electrolyte and protein water has a unique push cap technology which releases fresh ingredients into its water and is stocked in Tesco, Morrisons and Shell. For more information, please visit

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