Fury vs Joshua In Doubt

Fury vs Joshua In Doubt

It’s difficult to say exactly how the cards will play out, but the ruling in an American Court overnight puts the planned unification fight between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua in serious doubt.

Judge Daniel Weinstein has ruled that Fury must meet Deontay Wilder by September 15th, a decision that could mean Fury and Joshua never share a ring together and the world heavyweight titles will be fractured for some considerable time.

One punch can change everything in heavyweight boxing, and Wilder certainly has that at his disposal. Oleksandr Usyk the likely opponent for Joshua is more than capable of throwing in even more complications to the already muddied waters.

While rematch clauses do have their place in boxing they have become too common place. The challenger or the away fighter are more or less forced to sign contracts with rematch clauses built in. The champion and the home fighter gets two bites at the pie and even in non title fights we are seeing it becoming normal practice as promoters protect their financial investment.

Wilder and Fury agreed to a two-fight deal before their second meeting in February last year. Wilder was thoroughly dismantled in 7 one-sided rounds and outside of the Wilder camp there is little appetite for the trilogy fight, more so with the Fury-Joshua fight so close to be confirmed.

With a schedule of only two fights a year for the likes of Fury and Wilder, that original two-fight deal would have effectively tied up the WBC side of the heavyweight division for a full calendar year.

Despite the court’s ruling, Wilder, with further arbitration might end up accepting step aside money to allow Fury and Joshua to fight on August 14th in Saudi Arabia and then he fights the winner for the undisputed title somewhere down the line. The former WBC heavyweight champion has only just returned to training and might want a confidence building fight before he meets Fury again.

The Fury-Joshua formal announcement was imminent and that long drawn out saga will inevitably drag on for some considerable time until the lawyers get a little richer as they try to reach a settlement between the three parties involved. The latest complication might well see everyone walk away, and we lose another fight to boxing politics.

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