Eubank Jr Returns With a Win

Eubank Jr Returns With a Win

The 16 months of inactivity has ended with a win. Marcus Morrison wasn’t expected to win or even trouble Chris Eubank Jr too much, and while he never threatened to spring the upset, he performed adequately enough to put seeds of doubt into where Eubank goes from here.

The career of Eubank has always flattered to deceive, and that sums up much of what we saw tonight in Manchester. The scores of 98-92 were about right, Morrison did well to see the fight out when he looked at times he was about to be overwhelmed.

When he opened up, Eubank looked good, but the same issues with his footwork, balance and inability to solve problems when an opponent offers something in return, remains.

Eubank had the look of a fighter fighting in first gear, looking for rounds to shed the rust of a prolonged absence. But even considering that, and having his first fight with Roy Jones, there are concerns that he will ever live up to his potential.

The arrogance and a failure to allow knowledge of others to be digested has always held him back. Hopefully, Jones will get the best out of him going forward, although it does have the look of a not so perfect match.

Eubank has big ambitions, the move to middleweight will help, but based on tonight, I’m not convinced the ambitions match reality.

Photo Credit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

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