The Jake Paul Show Goes On

The Jake Paul Show Goes On

It was predictable in many ways, the manner of the victory and the undoubted success of the whole show. A show is exactly what it was, showbiz masked as professional boxing. It is a highly polished charade, a circus that has more connections to the WWE than the sport it pretends to be.

The Jake Paul razzmatazz will go on, the YouTuber claiming he is a real fighter, but in reality, it’s about taking the least amount of risk for the highest possible reward. Make no mistake it will drag on for as long as there is interest, and at the moment that interest is admittedly, if annoyingly, extremely high.

Fighting a fellow YouTuber, a basketball player and a retired undersized MMA fighter with dodgy hips and possibly one of the worst strikers in MMA history doesn’t make you a professional boxer. If Paul wants a challenge he doesn’t have to look that hard, there is a queue forming, and a very long one, to give him what he supposedly wants.

Ben Askren was always going to lose in this way, it didn’t last two minutes, one big right hand ended his night inside the opening round. The referee saved Askren and everyone else from further punishment. Askren earned his biggest ever payday, a sad reminder that the sport he made his name in, needs to seriously look at what it pays its talent.

You can’t blame Askren for taking the assignment, one last payday before he slides back into retirement, but why do these type of events keep getting sanctioned. Money, clicks and views will always cancel out any thoughts about credibility for the sport.

Paul is smart, he knows what he is doing and he will undoubtedly milk this for as long as he possibly can. With a persona, that you either love or hate, from a marketing point of view it most definitely works. But at some point, he will push it too far and find himself too deep in and he will quickly realise that there is a real and very dangerous difference between showbiz and real professional boxing.

Logan Paul will eventually face Floyd Mayweather at some point this year, even an old softer version of Mayweather will teach Paul a painful lesson that there are levels. Both brothers are being allowed to play in a world they don’t belong in, a sport that can have life-changing consequences.

“I told you I’m a real fighter. I don’t know how many times I’ve got to prove myself this is for real,” Jake Paul said to try and convince his ever gullible public and probably himself after his demolition of the former UFC star. Some say he made a statement, a statement of what. Manipulation, a great heist of daylight robbery for those that buy into it. If Paul is a real fighter as he claims to be, there are plenty of ways to prove it, what he is currently doing proves very little.

Paul deserves at least some respect for what he does, but boxing has a way of teaching humility, Paul will learn this lesson also, a lesson he badly needs.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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