Dan Catlin hasn’t fought for over a year but the last time he was in the ring was explosive! In March last year, the 21-year-old moved to 5-0 (2) by stopping usually durable Scott Williams in less than a round with a devastating left hook. Since then the Fleetwood fighter has had to bide his time, making the most of the lockdown situation, but is now delighted to have signed a promotional deal with Dennis Hobson’s Fight Academy outfit.

Mentored by hugely experienced and successful manager, Kevin Maree – who has previously been in the corner of both Carl Frampton and Michael Gomez – the young middleweight wants to get back into the groove this year, before beginning to challenge for honours. ‘Dangerous’ Dan – who also works in a children’s home as a care worker – won 19 of 24 bouts in the unpaid code, and is confident he will continue to carry that winning form into the pro game.

“Lockdown and not fighting has been frustrating,” explained Catlin, “but it’s also done me the world of good. I’m only 21, so have had time to mature physically over the past year, and as a fighter. I’ve made use of the time, and believe I’m a better fighter because of it.

“I’m buzzing to have signed with Dennis [Hobson]; it sounds like the start of a really exciting journey. He’s well proven in the boxing game; Kev [Maree] trusts him, and I’ve known Kev for a long time too. So, I’m really excited to be starting to work with him.

“I’m an exciting watch, a come-forward fighter.  I can punch hard, and I like to try and get people out of there. I’m a pressure fighter; in my last fight I knocked him out clean and he’s only been stopped once before, and that was to Tommy Fury.

“Ideally. I’d like to get a good three or four fights in, and then be in a position to step up next year. In my eyes I’m ready for the step up now but it would be good to get more rounds in. I am still learning the pro game, and those learning fights are essential.”

“Dan was a top amateur,” said manager Maree. “He’s one of the nicest lads you’ll meet outside the ring, but in the ring he’s nothing but an animal! He hits ferociously hard, he’s been knocking lads out that haven’t been stopped before, and putting them away destructively.

“He’s also one of the most dedicated boxers I’ve ever been involved with, he’s phoning me every week wanting me to arrange sparring with top fighters. He’s trained by one of my old fighters, Jeff Thomas, who’s now bringing through some of my prospects, and Dan is someone I’m really excited about.”

Fight news coming soon…

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