Herring Stops Frampton in 6

Herring Stops Frampton in 6

History is for the few, despair and disappointment for the many. Carl Frampton in recent times has looked a fighter chasing past glories, clinging on to a career which has often dazzled on the highest stage.

In truth Frampton hasn’t looked the same fighter since his rematch with Leo Santa Cruz in 2017. A few brief glimpses masked an obvious decline in fortunes, the end has been coming.

Jamel Herring retained his WBO super-featherweight by stopping Frampton in 6 rounds, there was no history, just a final definitive end to a career.

Herring was on top for much of the fight, only a cut over his right eye in the 4th round threatened. Frampton briefly flattered, but he was dropped in the 5th. Any hope went there and then, the end came soon after.

The towel came after another knockdown in the 6th, in many ways, it was always going to be a tall order despite many who should have known better, predicting a Frampton win. The heart cancelling out the head.

The loss to Josh Warrington said plenty, the defeat to Herring said everything.

Herring had the physical advantages, Frampton never looked likely to overcome them. The narrative might be about the demise of the defeated fighter, but the winner shouldn’t be forgotten, Herring can look forward to more nights, Frampton looks to a future without boxing.

Frampton promised he would retire if he lost, he kept his word:

“Boxing has been good to me, but I want to go home to my beautiful wife and kids. I want to dedicate my life to them. I got beat by the better man. I said before I would retire if I lost this fight and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

Frampton was trying to be the first Irish fighter to win a world title in three weight divisions, but from the opening seconds history looked remote, impossible even.

There were many good nights for Frampton, but he has struggled of late. A bitter dispute with his former team seemed to drain some of the fight away, there was always something missing of late.

I hoped he would retire after his loss to Warrington, a fight where real fragility was shown for the first time. Herring hammered the point home, Frampton knew what it meant.

But Herring got his signature win, it was his night, and hopefully the win brings the rewards it deserves.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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