With imminent, game-changing news for British boxing on the horizon; Dennis Hobson Promotions continues to build up his burgeoning Fight Academy stable.

After recently teaming up with Scottish and Southeast based promoters, Sam Kynoch and Mark ‘Mo’ Prior, Hobson has also announced a partnership with one of Britain’s most active fight managers, Kevin Maree (pictured alongside Dennis, Steve Crump, Josh Holmes, Zak Miller and Dan Catlin).

A former useful amateur, Maree has a well-established name in boxing as a trainer and manager. The successful Lancashire businessman has trained the likes of Carl Frampton and Michael Gomez previously, and now has over 80 fighters on his books.

With a new specialist, boxing TV platform almost ready to be launched, Maree is excited to be teaming up with Hobson and Fight Academy, alongside four of his top, unbeaten prospects – Mark Jeffers 11-0 (3), Josh Holmes 5-0, Zak Miller 3-0 (1) and Dan Catlin 5-0 (2).

“I’ve known Dennis a long time, he’s well established in the game.  In boxing you have to be careful who you associate yourself with because reputation is everything.  So, it’s rare for me to team up with someone but Dennis ticks all the boxes.  He has a proven track record of bringing fighters all the way through, right to the very top.  He’s had incredible success at doing that, and I’ve always admired the way he just gets things done.  If something seems impossible, you can be sure Dennis will find a way around it.

“Towards the end of last year, Dennis wanted to get his fighters out.  It sounded bonkers that he wanted to put on a show in the middle of the pandemic, in December, in a car park, outside in Sheffield – not only did he do it though, but it was fantastic.  The boxers got work, the spectators had an amazing time, and it came across really well on TV.  If Dennis can have the foresight and determination to make that happen, then he can do anything!  I’m excited to pair up with him because he knocks walls down, has his boxers interests at heart, and gets things done.”

“Kevin is exactly the sort of person I want to be working with,” reiterated Hobson.  “He does a smashing job with his fighters.  He’s an unsung hero, doesn’t want any fuss, just wants to get on with the job and be successful.  He’s a great ally to have onboard for what we’re creating.

“We’re good at getting our fighters opportunities; kids who are not your typical Olympians or GB squad members.  We have good relationships with all the governing bodies, a few of our fighters will end up on the world scene, and I’ll be pleased to be doing it alongside Kevin.  The future is very rosy; news will start to come out very soon with regards to our TV platform, and the fighters Kevin is bringing to the table will be a big part of it.”

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