Nick Webb: “I always thought I was the favourite. I was like there’s no way he can beat me.”

Nick Webb: “I always thought I was the favourite. I was like there’s no way he can beat me.”

By Chandler Waller:

This past weekend, Nick Webb continued the resurgence of his professional career with a second round KO of the previously undefeated Eric Pfeifer. For a while, it was unsure where the Chertsey heavyweight would end up, but now the ecstatic 33-year-old seems to have gotten back on track. He told FightPost what the win on Saturday felt like:

“Listen, I was buzzing. I didn’t sleep a wink all night! We didn’t really do much that night, I watched the main fight on the TV in the hotel, we had a bit of food – I had a steak, so that was nice, then we literally had a good chat and went back to our rooms. I just laid in my room awake, buzzing and on my phone the whole time.”

With his destructive performance to defeat the German on Saturday night, Webb made a mockery of his pre-fight underdog tag. It is something which gave him an added joy when celebrating his recent win.

“The more I think about it, in my head I never thought I was the underdog, I always thought I was the favourite. I was like there’s no way he can beat me. I never took into account of how good he was, what amateur pedigree he had, I said nah I’m not impressed, I watched his last couple of pro fights and said he can’t beat me and I’m gonna smash him. 

“That’s what I did, looking back on it now, what he did in the amateurs and everything, I think that was a great win for me. I’ve had those bad losses, but I’ve come back with Ultimate Boxxer, when I showed everyone that I can fight a decent fighter, but no-one took that tournament into account really, they just reflected back on my losses, so it’s great to prove the doubters wrong.”

The Ultimate Boxxer tournament was a coming out party for Nick Webb fifteen months ago, but the British heavyweight kept on improving and working under the guidance of Scott Welch and Mark Morrison. It has paid dividends to his career, and the improvements are clear both physically and mentally.

“Leading up to the fight, we trained to go the distance, but closer to the fight we knew we could go through him. Especially Scott Welch, he said ‘you can do this Nick, don’t sit off him and just go through him’. Everything I worked on with my coaches – Scott Welch and Mark Morrison, I used in the fight. In Ultimate Boxxer, I used the jab a bit more, I sat back with it, but this time every time I hit him with the jab, I was following it up straight away.

“I got the Ultimate Boxxer win, I’ve got this win so I’m showing everyone I won’t be denied. In Ultimate Boxxer I was one of the favourites, but I wasn’t the favourite, I went in and won that convincingly without too much trouble. As well as that, I’ve won this fight and basically made Pfeifer look like a journeyman, I walked straight through him.”

The fashion in which Webb destroyed Pfeifer was quite the spectacle. It’s no surprise that after the Povetkin-Whyte 2 event, many called for the Chertsey heavyweight to face unbeaten Fabio Wardley, who fought on the same bill. Webb had also previously stated an interest in sharing the ring with Croatian powerhouse Alen Babic. Although it is early days to consider Webb’s next opponent, when asked by FightPost what he’d like next, he said:

“I’m easy, I’ll fight anyone. It’s for my team to decide what the best next move is. I think I’ve shown that I can go in with a different array of people – experienced people, tough people, southpaws, shorter guys, I can go in with anyone and do the same job. I deserve a big fight, I believe I’m ready for whatever, but if my team says ‘let’s get some rounds in’ then that’s what we’ll do.”

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. By defeating Pfeifer in sensational fashion, Webb has done that. He has the world at his feet now with plenty of options to choose from. 

Those options are in a bountiful heavyweight division, which was the talk of the town at the weekend. At the top of the bill, Dillian Whyte avenged his defeat to Alexander Povetkin with a fourth round TKO. Webb reacted to the fight and the stoppage:

“I thought to myself, this is what he’s got to do – he’s got to get him quick, and I think he hurt him straight from the first round, he did the correct things and he got a great win. Fair play to him, to get in the ring with a guy who’s knocked you out, that is a big thing to do. For him, to do that and come out victorious, it’s great.”

As well as Povetkin-Whyte 2, British shores will see another intriguing heavyweight matchup in just a few weeks with Derek Chisora vs Joseph Parker. Webb concluded the chat with his official breakdown of the fight:

“It’s a very interesting fight, I really don’t know who’s going to win. I don’t see Parker knocking Chisora out, I think Chisora’s too tough and I think Parker isn’t a big enough puncher to knock him out. It’s going the distance, I don’t see Chisora knocking Parker out, I think his movement will be too good. It’s a 50/50 fight, I can’t really call it, I like them both as fighters so I don’t know. If I’m going to say anything, I’ll say I want Chisora to win because he’s English, and that’s the only reason.”

Photo Credit: Mark Robinson/ Matchroom Boxing

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