Paddy Pimblett Signs With The UFC

Paddy Pimblett Signs With The UFC

It’s been a long-time coming, but Liverpool’s Paddy Pimblett has finally signed with the UFC.

A recent winner over Davide Martinez in what will prove to be his final fight with Cage Warriors, Pimblett made no secret of his desire to go and test his skills in the UFC in the lead up to the Martinez fight.

Pimblett, the former Cage Warriors featherweight champion, holds a 16-3 resume and despite seemingly being around forever, is still only 26 and is coming into his peak years.

Riding a two-fight win streak the move to the UFC has come at the right time for Pimblett. The Liverpool fighter is intent on making up for lost time, after suffering multiple injuries in the last few years which have stalled his progress.

The time lost may end up being a blessing is disguise, Pimblett looks a completely different fighter in recent times, physically and mentally, Pimblett looks as good as he has ever been.

Pimblett is a welcome addition to the UFC roster, and is unlikely to be satisfied with just being there.

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