Povetkin: “Anything could happen in this fight and I just need to be ready for 12 rounds.”

Povetkin: “Anything could happen in this fight and I just need to be ready for 12 rounds.”

By Kailem Sims

Alexander ‘Sasha’ Povetkin has been a consistently solid force in the heavyweight division long before his upcoming foe Dillian Whyte. A former WBA heavyweight titleholder and a man who has never backed down from a challenge, he has played an important part in the progression of the ever thriving heavyweight division which has served up some mouth-watering encounters over the last few years.

After securing a devastating knockout win over Dillian Whyte after the pair met at Matchroom’s ‘Fight Camp’ last summer, Povetkin ripped the WBC Interim heavyweight title away from his opponent as well as a mandatory position that was held by Whyte for over 1000 days.

Many will say it was a massive upset, however, Povetkin’s devastating punch power and impressive pressure fighting style is the stuff of nightmares for any heavyweight that gets a little too much in range against the Russian. Dillian Whyte found that out the hard way.

The rematch was originally meant to take place in November but had to be postponed after Povetkin fell ill with Coronavirus.

Povetkin spoke at the Media Zoom Call earlier in the week about any possible concerns he has going into the fight after recovering from Covid-19.

“I don’t feel any effects of Coronavirus. I’ve been training well and the training camp has been good. I didn’t have any thought about that at all going into the fight” explains Povetkin, who also received medical treatment to help him beat Covid-19.”

After having the experience of being a world heavyweight titleholder himself, Povetkin gives his thoughts on the prospect of his opponent Dillian Whyte ever following the same path and becoming a world heavyweight champion if he was to come through the rematch, or whether Povetkin exposed Whyte’s weaknesses in the first fight.

“Yes, I know how to be a world champion, but can Dillian Whyte become a world champion or will he fall to defeat again? We will see! I don’t like making predictions before fights.”

Povetkin also responds to the accusations made by Dillian Whyte that perhaps he wasn’t struck down with Covid-19, and expresses his doubt that Povetkin may have just wanted more time to prepare for the rematch.

“He can think and say whatever he wants! But we have the papers and documents with different analysis with the results to prove it. We sent it to Matchroom, so this is not a case for a discussion. It is better for Dillian because if the fight goes late he will want to go for the knockout.”

Povetkin showed tremendous heart in the first fight which saw him get off the canvas twice to then close the show with that devastating left uppercut. He discusses the psychological benefits that this has had on him going into the rematch.

“There is no such mindset that it was a good shot in the first fight and that it can be the same in the second fight because this is a different story, we have started from the beginning and have forgotten about what happened in the first fight. Anything could happen in this fight and I just need to be ready for 12 rounds, that’s it!”

Povetkin has faced some very big punchers throughout his career, including the likes of Wladimir Klitschko and Anthony Joshua, and against all of which he showed great heart throughout. He discusses the comparison of punching power between those fighters mentioned and that of Dillian Whyte.

“Those guys (Klitschko and Joshua) were just better than me on the night, they were better prepared. You can’t blame it on punch power if you’re not 100% ready yourself.”

Povetkin also responds to concerns about his age and whether or not he feels as though he can still perform despite being 41 years of age.

“I feel like I am 25 years old! I can say that my age hasn’t had an influence or an impact on my body!”

Povetkin’s knockout of Whyte caused a bit of a storm in the heavyweight division and sent raptures throughout the boxing world, but he responds as to whether or not it was the most satisfying moment of his career to date.

“I was just happy! It is one of the most remembered moments of my boxing career for sure.”

Photo Credit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

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