Lucy Wildheart: “To win the titles I will have to fight everyone in my way.”

Lucy Wildheart: “To win the titles I will have to fight everyone in my way.”

By Emilia Roman
With her first fight of the year less than a week away, Lucy Wildheart is excited to get back in the ring, after the Coronavirus outbreak made it impossible for the Swedish born, now featherweight boxer to compete in 2020.
In Ghana, on 27th March, Wildheart will be competing against Flora Machela. After ending 2019 so strongly, by beating Denisa Cicoova in a ruthless fight, expectations are now running high.
Wildheart, who has been interested in sports for all her life, she used to work as a personal trainer, a dancer, and dipped into karate and then mixed martial arts. Diving even deeper into the world of combat sports, she was ultimately intrigued by the new challenges of building a career as a professional boxer.
She said: “Boxing is an individual sport and even if there is a favourite to win, winning is not guaranteed. No one can ever be underestimated. This keeps me on my toes.”
But getting to this stage where she could compete and become a professional boxer was not easy. Struggling with body image from a young age, a then naïve 17-year-old Wildheart, soon to be a personal trainer, had to find within herself the strength and wisdom to push away compulsive habits, and become the healthy role model she is today.
“I find the human body very powerful and the psychology around it interesting,” said Wildheart, who realised she can achieve much more than just a beautiful figure by becoming an athlete.
The 28-year-old began her boxing journey with a promise to herself, that she would one day become a world champion and she has made it clear that she is after every title under the sun. The boxer has even confessed that she is hoping to fight each champion when they are in their best shape.
“To win the titles I will have to fight everyone in my way, I hope to fight them at their best,” said Wildheart with confidence and drive.
This is what makes Wildheart so interesting, she is not afraid to say that she wants it all. But, over the years, after rushing through “the basics” and changing multiple trainers, the boxer is determined to enjoy her journey to greatness, and not only obsess to reach a certain goal. It is no wonder that, with this mindset, Wildheart managed to still achieve a lot in 2020 behind the scenes, among her biggest takes, she has found the right team for her.
She said: “In the last 8 months I have been with my new trainer Sam Mullins out of Churchill’s Boxing Gym in Waterloo, London. Sam has made me an all-round more complete boxer and I feel there is still much more we can do. The real journey has just begun, and I am excited for all the plans that are set up for me.”
Wildheart values her team a lot, and without her management and sponsor, her dream of training full time would never have come true. Grateful for such an opportunity, she has a clear and optimistic take on her career and on the future of women’s boxing.
“My plan generally is to take all the fights I can and put in as much work for sponsors, so they continue to see a great return,” said Wildheart decidedly.
“The industry is tough for women and the good news is I think it is getting better, lots more visibility and support this past year,” she added, “hopefully I won’t have finished boxing by the time the recognition I believe it deserves exists.”

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