Former amateur star Levi Frankham has joined his cousins – Josh and Charles Frankham – in signing a promotional agreement with Frank Warren to fight under the Queensberry Promotions banner.

Frankham, 20, from Cranleigh, is preparing to make his professional debut following a lengthy application process to obtain his professional licence. He began training to join the pro ranks in late 2019 and applied for his licence in early 2020. Then lockdown came into force and all applications were placed on hold until late in the year.

Frankham bided his time and used the opportunity to further learn his craft and now finds himself on the cusp on making his professional introduction.

The super welterweight, coached by leading South Coast trainer Wayne Batten, brings with him a strong amateur background, with him having won two Junior ABA titles, a Three-Nations, an NABC title, along with being a National amateur champion.

“I am over the moon to have been signed by Frank Warren,” said Levi. “He is one of the best promoters in the world and his track record in developing young fighters is second to none.

“I am blessed to start off my professional career with the best promoter and a top TV platform. I can’t wait to get going and I can promise I will bring excitement for the fans watching.

“It is amazing that three Frankhams, three cousins, are all signed by the same promoter and it would be a dream for us all to appear on the same show at some point.

“It was frustrating having to wait for so long to get going, but it could also be a blessing because it has given me the time to make improvements in the gym that will serve me well when I step into the ring.”

Hall of Fame promoter Frank Warren added: “I am thrilled to add another Frankham to our ranks and Levi is a quality young fighter who we have had great reports on. He is an impressive young man who is totally dedicated to the sport.

“We have known about Levi for some time since he started working with Wayne down in Southampton and I am looking forward to setting him off on his pro journey. He has been forced to be patient to get going due to the pandemic delaying his licence application last year, but he has used the time well and has worked hard in the gym preparing for his first professional fight.

“Wayne is delivering quality young fighters to our platform – such as Mark Chamberlain, Ryan Garner and Josh Frankham – and I expect Levi to enjoy similar success as he sets about making his mark in the sport.”

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