Paddy Pimblett: The Time Has Come

Paddy Pimblett: The Time Has Come

The last few years have seen a period of frustration for Paddy Pimblett. Injuries, the  subsequent operations to fix those injuries, and the pandemic have all played their part in restricting Pimblett to very little action inside his theatre of choice.

Since the loss at Cage Warriors 96 to Soren Bak, Pimblett has been on the sidelines watching others steal the show and his limelight, or at least trying to.

But on Saturday night Pimblett returned and looked a reborn fighter. The Liverpool fighter  had been saying all week that he would finish his opponent inside a round, and he lived up to all his pre-fight predictions.

Davide Martinez was dispatched with relative ease, and all Pimblett’s talk about levels was proved correct.

The win over Martinez was only his second fight since the Bak loss, Decky Dalton also didn’t see the 2nd round in March last year, and Pimblett will be hoping there will be no more delays to what lies ahead.

Pimblett has admitted he lacked self-discipline at times in his youth, a victim of his own hype perhaps. But Pimblett was then a boy, an understandable innocence in those early years. But now Pimblett seems to have learned that nothing lasts forever, and if he wants to take his career to the next stage, he understood the need to change.

Growing up in Cage Warriors has served him well, but now he wants in on the promised land of the UFC. Pimblett said repeatedly before Saturday that he would win and that would be the end of his Cage Warriors run.

Pimblett left no doubt against Martinez and where he wants to fight next. But Graham Boylan said he would make Pimblett an offer he can’t refuse to stay put, and with the world still struggling to find a way out of it’s current predicament, that could be the more viable option. Boylan knows the worth of Pimblett, and the offer of the dollar and another shot at becoming a two-weight Cage Warriors champion could be too tempting to resist.

But at some point this year Pimblett needs to make the move to the UFC. The talent has always merited it, the dedication he has now, should guarantee not only the move but also his success in the UFC. In many ways, the time has come.

Pimblett is still only 26, and looks to be approaching his peak years. With options to compete at either featherweight or lightweight, the UFC would be wise to make the call.

Photo Credit: Cage Warriors

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