Campbell Hatton: “I’ll be ready to take any opportunity that I get offered.”

Campbell Hatton: “I’ll be ready to take any opportunity that I get offered.”

By Kailem Sims
A new era looms large for the Hatton family, with the highly anticipated debut of Campbell ‘Hurricane’ Hatton arriving on March 27th on the undercard of ‘Rumble on the Rock’ in Gibraltar, where heavyweight giants Dillian Whyte and Alexander Povetkin collide for the second time in the shows main event.
At just 20, Campbell has an incredibly mature head on his shoulders that runs parallel with his impressive boxing ability, which has progressed very nicely since his early amateur days.

Although he is the son of the great Ricky Hatton, Campbell has his heart set on creating his own legacy and becoming a stand-alone superstar away from his father’s name and persona.
The transition from amateur to professional life can sometimes be quite daunting, whether it’s a change in training habits to the level of sparring opposition. However, Campbell explains there hasn’t been a great deal of change since it was announced he would be turning over at the back end of last year.
“The transition was pretty easy” stated Campbell, “I’ve always worked with my Dad and Matthew through the amateurs, so I’ve always trained every day; twice a day. We’ve stepped things up and things have been tougher, I’ve been sparring more rounds. We’ve been doing the same things we’ve always done, but we’ve just stepped things and worked on the little things.”
When asking if Campbell was mentally and physically ready for his big night on the 27th, he was very confident in his words when commenting on the fact that he’s been working incredibly hard in the gym for quite a few months.
“I’ve been training a long time for this fight now” said Campbell, “Before the original date got announced which was March 6th, we knew my debut was gonna be at the back end of February or early March. We started full camp around New Year’s Day, and I’ve been flying in the gym. I’ve been ready to go for a good few weeks now, even before it got pushed back to the 27th. We took it easy for about a week and then we stepped it up again over the past couple of weeks. I’ve been improving with every session and I’m excited now!”
The actual event on March 27th has shaped up to be one of the more highly anticipated events of the boxing calendar, with Campbell commenting on how it feels to be making his debut on such a big occasion.
“There’s a lot of pressure that comes with boxing on the platform my fight’s going to be on” mentioned Campbell “But I’ve always dealt with the pressure well, and I have the mindset where there are that many eyes on me I can’t afford to let things slip or put on a bad performance. I’ve not been cutting any corners or left any stone unturned. I’ve got to be at my best so I’ve just worked that little bit harder.”
Covid-19 has caused a barrage of issues throughout the sporting world and has made things quite difficult for the majority of professional fighters. But when asked about what it’s been like turning professional throughout a global pandemic, Campbell explains it’s not been as frustrating as people might have thought.
“There have been a few small situations that made things difficult, but nothing massive. When I first met with Eddie Hearn it was over a Zoom call instead of face-to-face which would have been nicer. When I was going through the process of getting my medical done there were a few delays where we had to wait to see doctors as they’ve been quite busy. But nothing too bad and nothing that we couldn’t get around.”
When discussing how fast he’d like to progress as a young professional, Campbell says he would like to move forward at a good pace and push on after the 27th.
“By the end of this year, I aim to have just boxed as much as I can. I’ll be ready to take any opportunity that I get offered, so if I get offered the opportunity to box at least 6 times this year I would. Any opportunity I get to box I will be taking it. With the times we’re in at the minute, I don’t think anyone is in a position to be picky. If I was offered to box in a pub car park I’d take it!”
After landing promotional and management deals with Matchroom and 258 MGT respectively, Campbell talked about what it’s like having so many influential people around him so early on in his professional career.
“If you’re surrounding yourself with people that have been there and done it, you’re going to be constantly learning. My Dad and Matthew have also been there and got the t-shirt themselves. You don’t just learn when you’re training, it involves watching and listening to these people. I’m in a really good position.”
Campbell’s debut is part of a huge night of boxing on Sky Sports Box Office, which sees Chris Kongo clash with Michael McKinson in a mouth-watering domestic welterweight showdown. Former English super-featherweight title challenger Youssef Khoumari returns for the first time in a year against the durable Kane Baker. English heavyweight champion Fabio Wardley is back in action against former world title challenger Eric Molina in another step-up bout for the Ipswich-born powerhouse.
In the chief support, former European super-welterweight title challenger Ted Cheeseman faces the undefeated JJ Metcalf in an exciting bout for the vacant British super-welterweight title. And finally, the main event sees the huge rematch between Dillian Whyte and Alexander Povetkin, following Povetkin’s devastating 5th round KO in August of last year.

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