A Look At YouTube Boxing

A Look At YouTube Boxing
By Sam Young

We all want success, be it via graft through education, sticking at a talent by putting in the slog of physical stress, or realising you are good at talking to a camera and putting it online entertaining millions.
In a three-year period at University you can miss a few lectures and over do it with the drinking culture. When you start podcasting you can get away with a few ethically challenging stunts and still be adored by the masses. Three years as a young boxer in your local boxing gym you cannot make many mistakes.
Those who aspire to be stars face a tough time ahead to secure a professional bout. First up keep yourself off street corners involved in gang crime. Anthony Joshua  has explored this in various interviews admitting he nearly turned to crime but boxing gave him the avenue to succeed.
Leaving your blood and sweat on the canvas is not always enough to make it to the professional level. Amateur boxing is cruel, the art is technical, training to keep that guard up, keep moving your head off the centre line, being imaginative but not showboating, concentrating biting down on the gum shield but not head hunting to get your name up in the headlights.
Going for that extra cold morning jog is crucial to your success. Even then chances remain slim at turning that impressive amateur record into a first professional bout.  
February 2018 and internet sensations KSI and Joe Weller have kicked off the brand of celebrities boxing live on YouTube. A 7,500 capacity sell out in the illustrious ‘Copper Box.’ This fight was not for the purists but KSI later found another YouTube sensation and created a fierce rivalry with the second taking place at the Staples Centre in LA in their professional debuts.
That opponent was Logan Paul, you might remember who collected fame by producing content from a forest in Japan. He drew the first with KSI in an exhibition bout and  lost to KSI in the second. Fans are not even surprised now to see Logan due to face this year the man with the famous perfect 50-0 professional boxing record, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather.
YouTubers have created their own success. Working on new content for their social media views. They now find they want to use that fame to turn to something else they enjoy, boxing.
Boxing is a big entertainment industry. If I was a YouTuber I would want to fight a YouTube rival knowing I’m going on make a lot of hard cash.

However, should this be possible?

Television companies look at the prospects of the gate receipts of YouTube boxing and see instant money. They are criticised by bringing in ‘non boxing fans’ to view these events but by tapping into the new audiences are they not just opening up the sport to the masses.
I ask at what point does YouTube boxing have its place being freely accepted and at what point should boxing be only for those from the amateur boxing grind.
Jake Paul looks the better boxer out of the pair even fighting on boxing’s royalties Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr’s recent undercard.
I allude to the hours that the young boxer puts in on the amateur circuit. Seven weight world champion Amanda Serrano recently said ‘most amateurs turning pro fight four rounds, these guys are debuting in a six rounder, someone is going to get really hurt one day.’

In two months time Jake Paul will be focusing on another knockout of a sports professional, MMA fighter Ben Askren. Jake’s fame has seen him attract the mentorship of Jorge Masvidal the man who recently KO’d Askren in the UFC in a matter of seconds.

Masvidal, albeit winning with a strike from his knee, will aide Jake in his training. He is known for his street style boxing stance and if Jake stops Askren we cannot ignore his meteoric rise.

Logan Paul will face Floyd Mayweather this year and save your money betting because he will lose. Jake Paul has a long list of opponents to face if he gets through Askren. The list includes Mayweather and loser of his only professional bout, Conor McGregor.

I leave you with this thought. Jake Paul drove around LA to find and sabotage McGregors training partner Dillon Danis live interview. We all clicked on the content on Jake Paul’s channel. The brothers have made a name for themselves and are cashing in. However, let’s all remind ourselves of another name who is calling Jake Paul out to fight, Dylan Moran.

Moran is another McGregor sparring partner. He demonstrates that graft of the extra morning run in the cold. Surely he and many others like him on the amateur and  professional boxing circuit deserve the PPV numbers these YouTubers demand from us.
Photo Credit: Matchroom Boxing

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