Pawel Augustynik: Augustynik Ready To Defend His Title

Pawel Augustynik: Augustynik Ready To Defend His Title

By Lauren Joy

Taunton’s Pawel Augustynik takes on Max Miszczenko in his first defence of the WBC International Silver Title on Friday, March 5th live from Gniew Castle, Poland.

A few days away from the fight date, Augustynik began by saying that he was feeling good about the fight.

“I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been a bit bored because of the national lockdown so the only thing that I could have done is train, stay at home and train again really.

“There was nothing else to do so I’m really happy to get out, go to other countries and go to Poland, go abroad and fight there. I’m really happy to do it.”

Augustynik’s last fight was against Dariusz Sek for the WBC silver light-heavyweight title back in November. Augustynik scored a dominant points victory over Sek, which secured him the WBC belt and extended his unbeaten record to 12 fights.

In a fight broadcast live on BoxNation, Augustynik opened up a cut on his opponent early on and then dropped him in round eight, and all three judges scored the fight in his favour.
This win was his first since he secured a five-fight promotional deal with Frank Warren and Queensberry Promotions.

“I feel very lucky to have the contract I’ve got with Queensbury. If I beat my opponent this week, I’ve got another fight lined up in June with a very top-rank boxer in Poland.
After that win, I think it’s going to get me even higher in the rankings.”

Speaking about how he first got into boxing, the 25-year-old says:

“Personally, I think it was my behaviour because I wasn’t the best-behaved kid in school. Or even outside school and I got into a lot of trouble, I got into a lot of fights, I was just a bit of a nightmare.

“My parents were getting a bit worried and they sent me to some anger management meetings as well, to go to and see a psychologist. From what I remember when I was fighting in school or outside of school, I always liked it. It’s weird to say but I always kind of enjoyed it.

“So, I always thought I might as well just try boxing and see how I get on. I was 11 when I came to England with my parents from Poland and then I was 13 when I went to my first boxing class at Taunton ABC.

“It was run by Taunton’s boxing legend Dennis Cornall and when I first had this session, he said straight away ‘just keep going Pawel, you’re going to be good, just keep going.’

“After the first session, I just picked it up quickly and I enjoyed it very much. I’ve never missed a training session, when I did I was really ill or I was away on holiday or things like that. So, I was very determined and very motivated.

“And obviously that helped me with my behaviour because I was well-behaved in school after that, I was better than I was before so, that’s how I got into boxing.

“After two and a half years I won the national junior championships and then I won the GB championships as well, as a junior.”

Augustynik had his first professional fight at the end of 2016 and remains undefeated. In March of 2020 he captured the Southern Area title, defeating Jordan Joseph in the sixth round.

For many boxers the pandemic has proven to be a difficult time in their careers but Pawel says his training hasn’t really changed.

“For other boxers who rely on small hall shows, they’ve had no support at all, there’s been no shows and they’ve not had government intervention to get help for them. I think a lot of journeymen and a lot of the younger pro’s have had to quit the sport and they’ve gone into full-time work.

“Things changed for me at the beginning when athletes couldn’t train at the gym. Back at the end of March when all the sports stopped, I trained outside my house, I put a bag up and I went for a few rounds. I was just training on my own but in June when athletes were allowed to train again, it was alright.

“I’m lucky to have good people around me. One of my sponsors has got a boxing gym build on his property so he allows me access to it. There is Tom Auton in Taunton as well, Activate Gym, he allows me to train over there.

“According to the government guidelines, professional athletes can still train at the moment, so obviously I’ve got good people around me and things haven’t really changed to be honest.”

Fighting Max Miszczenko (7-1) on March 5th will be Augustynik’s first time defending his newly earned WBC International Silver Title and he feels he is in a good position to do that.

“Preparations have been going well, the most important thing is that I’m injury free so I don’t have any injuries and I’m all ready to go, it’s all been good. It’s a big opportunity for me because I will be on TV and a lot of people can see me, a lot of my fans can see me.

“So, it’s big exposure, I’m really happy and to be honest my last fight was the first fight I had on TV and I did well. There wasn’t that much pressure and I felt really relaxed when I got into the ring. It’s just like a sparring session so it doesn’t really affect me.”

Augustynik concluded our conversation by saying “I’m really lucky to have that contract signed and to be fighting for Queensbury because that gives me the fights, I need to continue my career, so I’m really looking forward to it.”

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