Aaron Chalmers Announces His MMA Retirement

Aaron Chalmers Announces His MMA Retirement

The MMA journey for Aaron Chalmers was always going to be a limited one. It was never going to one with any kind of a title run, but that shouldn’t mean he shouldn’t have been allowed to enter the world of mixed martial arts.

On Thursday, Chalmers called time on his 7 fight MMA career as he looks forward to a future elsewhere. Chalmers had 3 fights with BAMMA and 4 fights with Bellator MMA.

Chalmers was last in action in February 2020 suffering his second professional defeat at the hands of Austin Clem. The former Geordie Shore star cited problems with his preparations prior to the bout, but that night always had the feeling that the story would soon be over.

After making his debut in 2017, Chalmers went 4-0, with no opponent making it out of the first round. Corey Browning took away his unbeaten record in February 2019 and the decision loss to Clem last year would turn out to be his last appearance in MMA.

Chalmers long ago accepted he would not be accepted by the masses in his new world. There was resentment, and plenty of it. The reality star was given a prominent position on Bellator cards, but Chalmers should not be blamed for that. He was given the opportunity, and nobody in his shoes would have turned it down.

Chalmers didn’t it the right way, and got the maximum out of his MMA career. He deserves credit for daring to try when virtually everyone wanted him to fail. Chalmers, with his profile and platform could have done a multitude of less painful things to earn money, he did MMA because he wanted to, not because he had to.

Sometimes even if begrudgingly, his critics should give him his due.

Chalmers 33, leaves the sport with a 5-2 resume and is already planning his next adventure.

“We’ve left MMA behind. MMA is now a thing of the past. We’re on to a new challenge, a new target, a new goal, and I couldn’t be happier.” Chalmers said in his Instagram post.

The retirement came after he celebrated six months of sobriety, a much more important battle to any he faced inside a MMA cage, and a fight he appears to be winning.

Photo Credit: Bellator MMA

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