Lara Shocks Warrington

Lara Shocks Warrington

The decision to voluntarily vacate a world title, whatever the reason, is always sad and regrettable. Josh Warrington vacated his IBF featherweight title bored or irritated of the mandatory obligations and dreaming of the supposed bigger fights that lie in wait.

Those dreams, at least for now, are dead in the water. Mauricio Lara should be waking up the featherweight champion of the world, decisions taken elsewhere have denied him his moment.

Lara sprung the monumental upset by stopping Warrington in 9 shocking rounds in a subdued atmosphere in the Matchroom bubble. The brutal end was a long time coming.

Warrington suffered the type of defeat that a career might never recover from. Lara, the bit part player, the chosen safe opponent, took his opportunity and deserved better from the politics of a sport that never ceases to sicken and disappoint in equal measure.

Lara would not have been offered the same benefit of doubt the home fighter had in that fight turning 4th round. Warrington was dropped heavily and should have been stopped or pulled out in the seconds that followed.

Warrington showed immense bravery and heart, but fighting on instinct doesn’t tell the full story. It was a hard watch, waiting for the inevitable, the brave fighter taking punches that will linger long after the inquest is over as to what happened on a night that left a lot of plans in tatters.

Lara will be brought back to a rematch that suits a set narrative, the away fighter rarely gets that opportunity. Warrington didn’t look right, Lara didn’t care, it was his night, the sport let him down.

It’s difficult to imagine Warrington recovering from this shocking unexpected setback, but Lara will be forgotten when the headlines are written. It was Lara’s night, he got the win he should have got more. World titles shouldn’t be abandoned, they should mean more, they should mean everything.

Photo Credit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

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