Conor Benn: 2020 A Year Of Growth, 2021 Promises Even More

Conor Benn: 2020 A Year Of Growth, 2021 Promises Even More

By Joe Alexander

For Conor Benn, his father’s legacy has to a certain degree, distracted and clouded over his career. However, for arguably the first time in his career, the son began to put his unique stamp on the Benn name in 2020.

This breakthrough moment came in a convincing points decision over European and fringe world level opponent, Sebastian Formella.

This fight illustrated exactly what is both so good and watchable about Benn. Differently, a maturer fighter shone through, all stemming from a clean stiff jab. With this performance, it felt like a coming of age fight for Benn, who firmly took his opportunity to headline a Saturday Fight Night Matchroom show.

With this being said it sets Benn up for what could be his next step into the limelight in 2021. He is seemingly on a collision course with fellow Brit Josh Kelly, who fights for the European title in January. Although Benn is defining his own career, his biggest fight to date in Kelly would certainly mirror a likeness to his father’s career path.

Benn perhaps may not quite be ready for this mouth-watering bout. Another great domestic scrap that could be available is a matchup against Chris Kongo – again a very tough fight, but yet another name on the record that could push Benn to the next level.

This fight could be another headline fight for Benn too. It may also be the best time to take the fight while Kongo is still developing, giving Benn the chance to take on another pressurised fight with British eyes fixated.

It would provide Benn with added experience in a tough domestic fight, which would further boost his confidence in the inevitable Kelly fight.

However, for the first fight in the early months of 2021, Benn may want to take on Chris Jenkins, certainly a testing but winnable fight. It would allow him to continue to improve and work on what was a more disciplined style seen against Formella.

2020 has been a year of growth in many ways, 2021 promises to see that growth develop further.

Photo Credit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

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