Joyce Stops Dubois In 10

Joyce Stops Dubois In 10

The ending was sudden and anticlimactic, but Joe Joyce came out on top in his big heavyweight fight with Daniel Dubois.

Joyce is now the British, Commonwealth and European heavyweight champion after stopping Dubois in 10 absorbing rounds.

Dubois was struggling with his left eye for much of the fight, Joyce showed variety in his work which many would have believed he didn’t have in his locker.

Joyce peppered Dubois with jabs throughout, the left eye of Dubois was swelling shut from the early stages. Joyce didn’t fight with his face, the pressure had thought and purpose, his change of approach certainly paid dividends.

Dubois had his moments, but didn’t really threaten to overwhelm his more experienced opponent. The 7th was his last big effort, but Joyce rode out the storm, the threat was passing.

In many ways, it was the first proper fight for Dubois, and in the end he ran out of ideas, Joyce broke his heart.

Many will criticise Dubois, a jab from Joyce finished the fight, and that will draw disdain from how he went down and then didn’t beat the count when he clearly looked as though he could have done. The vision was clearly impaired, and hopefully, there is no long lasting damage.

After 9 rounds the fight looked even, but Joyce had his best round in the 9th, and Dubois looked as though he was fading fast.

There were a real argument before the fight that it might have come too soon for Dubois, despite the pre-fight odds. In many ways that is how it played out. Joyce was just too much for him, man against boy in the boxing sense.

Accusations of quiting will do the rounds, but we must wait to see the extent of the damage to his eye. Dubois is only 23, and while he can come again, he needs to gain a lot more experience before he tries again at this level. Dubois wasn’t disgraced but he was found wanting when it mattered the most.

But Joyce did his job and impressively so. Harshly written off prior he can now look forward to a crack at the world heavyweight title next year.

Whatever the narrative around the loser, the winner should be given the credit he is due.

Joyce improves his record to 12-0, Dubois falls to 15-1.

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