Errol Spence Jr vs Danny Garcia Pre-Fight Words

Errol Spence Jr vs Danny Garcia Pre-Fight Words


“I feel blessed and ready to go. I feel like I’m 100% physically. We’ve been training hard and staying focused. I can’t wait to give my hometown fans something to cheer for when I defend my title against a great opponent.

“I didn’t want any tune-up fights. I wanted someone who is tough and who could push me to the limit, so I can get back to being Errol Spence Jr. I’m going to give a great performance and hear ‘and still’ on December 5.

“I picked Danny Garcia so that I could rise to the occasion. I’m still the top dog in the division. Fighting Danny will show how great a fighter I am.

“Danny’s dad gets me hyped up talking about his son coming forward, throwing a lot of punches and taking the belts from me. So I’ll be ready for whatever Danny brings to the ring. I’m not going to get into any head games like with Shawn Porter. I fought Shawn’s game and beat him at his own game. I know Angel wants me to stand there and brawl with Danny, but I’m going to do what I have to do to win the fight.

“It’s up to me to make a big splash coming back from my car accident. Lesser opponents were for before I became champion. I finally got to the top, where I can fight the big names, so I’m not going backward. These are the guys I’ve wanted to fight forever.

“I definitely learn more from Danny’s wins. He has a lot of great wins. You learn a lot from all different kinds of fights. I’m a student of the game and a fan of the sport. All I do anyway is watch boxing. So I’m very familiar with Danny’s wins and losses.

“The accident just made me hungrier and even more focused. I have the same hunger now that I had before I won the title. I’m coming into camp much lighter and it’s helping me have an even better camp.

“I’m the champ, and at the end of the day, I can just fight. When it gets down to the wire, I know how to dig down deep and come out on top.

“It means everything to be fighting at home, especially with everyone going through the pandemic. I just want everyone who comes out to be safe and follow the protocols, and we’ll make it a great night.”


“Camp has been going great. My weight is good and I feel like we’re ahead of schedule. Now we’re just taking it one day at a time. I’m excited to be in this position to fight for the title again.

“On December 5, no stone will be unturned. We’re going to give it 110% and take these titles from him in his hometown.

“I’ve been an underdog my whole career. I’m used to playing that role. I just have to go in there and be myself. I have to believe in myself 100% and fight round by round. I’m going to show what a true champion is made of.

“After the Garcia and Porter fights, I saw some holes in his game and I knew it would be a good opportunity to become champion again. These type of fights bring out the best in Danny Garcia. They give me the extra motivation that I need and that’s why I wanted it.

“I thought Spence was the bigger and better man against Mikey Garcia. Mikey has great skills, but Errol had size and let his hands go. It made Mikey freeze, so he didn’t take any risks. He did land some good counterpunches, and those are the kind of things that I’m taking into consideration during this camp.

“My job is to fight. I can’t go in there and worry about judges. They’re going to do what they do. My job is to put in the work in the gym so that I’m ready on fight night. I have to go in there and win rounds and win the fight.

“I know that I’m a great fighter. I’ve been in these type of fights before. I know what I’m made of. As long as I’m mentally and physically at my best, nobody can beat me. I’m a dangerous man when I have this focus.

“We’re taking this fight like Errol is 100%. We’re not banking on anything hindering him. We’re taking this as seriously as possible. We wanted this fight a long time ago, but we just had to stay focused. Now the fight is finally here and I feel like we’re going to have a great performance.

“I believe that I do everything great. I can bang inside and box. That’s why I’m a three-time world champion. I’ve faced every style imaginable and I’ve come out on top.”

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