Lianne Bush: I Listened And Learned Fast And I Gave People A Tough Time

Lianne Bush: I Listened And Learned Fast And I Gave People A Tough Time

By Henry Walter & Lee Harwood

Lianne Bush only took up boxing two years ago but it rapidly became far more than just a hobby.

Now the 32 year-old mum of one has turned professional and has ambitions to go all the way to the very top. Lianne kindly agreed to speak to FightPost about her fledgling career.

Henry: What was it that first sparked your interest in boxing? How did you get into it?

Lianne: Originally I started Brazilian Ju-Jitsu after having my daughter when I was 27. I’ve always enjoyed martial arts/combat sports, my dad was a martial arts instructor when I was younger and I trained from the age of 5. But I gradually phased it out my life. Years later my brother was doing MMA fights and I got into the K1 and stand up side of things at Alliance Derby. After meeting Jay Shinfield and the brilliant guys in that gym I started to understand boxing for the first time and fell in love with it.

Henry: You fought in the European Boxing Federation before the pro ranks. How many fights did you have during those first two years in the sport with this organisation and what was your best win?

Lianne: I had 3 unlicensed fights last year, the first years were a big learning curve because I had to learn to box not Thai/kick box. Everything is so different! I realised quickly I’d always relied heavily on my kicks and neglected head movement and the boxing fundamentals. Jay, Rendall and everyone that helped me in those camps were great. My best win was at the Motor Point Arena against Natasha Boyes. She was a southpaw, I’d got a big following, I was fit, I’d made weight brilliantly and with more experience I would have stopped her easy.

Henry: You have turned professional unbelievably fast. When was it you first realised that this could actually be a career for you?

Lianne: When I started sparring pro girls and started picking things up quickly. I was eager to learn, I listened and learned fast and I gave people a tough time. Now it’s about learning to box with an IQ because strength and heart will only get you so far.

Henry: Have you found it difficult juggling motherhood and your other job with the rigors of full-time boxing training?

Lianne: Sometimes it’s been hard and I’ve felt like my daughter has had to give up her time with me to train but she is always welcomed at the gym and Jay, my trainer at Shinfield, has been amazing with her, as have the lads. Rendall has a young daughter so they play whilst I train and sparring partners, such as Rachel Ball, really look after her when she’s there so she ends up loving it.

As for work, they’ve been amazing and when I’ve had bits in the news it’s been crazy walking round the office seeing everyone watching my interviews on their screen. As I’m walking round Head Office people want to know when I’m fighting and how I’m doing – it’s brilliant support.

Henry: What do you feel has been your biggest achievement in boxing so far? What are you most proud of?

Lianne: As I haven’t fought as a pro yet I’d loved to have said my debut and my debut performance. I’d trained hard, even on a family holiday in Thailand. I’d sold 100+ tickets and had coaches of fans coming from Derby to Barnsley and then Corona ruined it. Now I’d say the experience I’m gaining sparring Ellis Hopkins and Rachel for their high-profile fights and knowing what a difference I’m making to their fight camps. People are always surprised to learn I’ve not really boxed yet.

Henry: When will your first fight be and how frustrating has Covid been in regards to your career so far?

Lianne: We’re ready to take a fight, the right fight, whenever it’s available. I’m learning every week from my training and sparring and I’m staying fit. Corona has hurt the fighting progress of most boxers and athletes in general so I know I’m not alone in my frustrations. However, for someone that was originally just days away from their debut I’m so frustrated.

Lee: How has your training been going and who have you been sparring with?

Lianne: Training has been brilliant! I’ve got a partner who’s mad on running so we’re always out doing some steady runs and ticking over. I’ve got a great PT who’s pushing my strength and conditioning. My sparring is brilliant, the experience I’ve gained has been invaluable and I’ve always made it valuable for them too. Most recently Rachel Ball for the Shannon fight and now again with Ebanie and Ellis for the past 6/7 weeks for her MTK Global debut. I’m really looking forward to seeing her in action!

Lee: Are you currently sponsored by anyone or are you looking for sponsorship?

Lianne: I do have some brilliant sponsors yes and I thank them for all the help and support they’ve given me so far. I know they were absolutely buzzing to see my debut in March and gutted for me when it didn’t happen. Unfortunately I think I’ll end up having to redo my professional medicals without even fighting. Also if I do get offered something I know sponsorship support will be important so I am always looking for sponsorship yes.

Henry: Who are your boxing heroes?

Lianne: Boxing hero’s are Rendall Munroe because he worked hard and achieved huge things that no one expected him to. He’s also the most grounded, supportive person I’ve ever met. He wants to change peoples lives and help and he does it with support and honesty. He helps kids in his community get an education and boxers such as me and Joe Ducker, who he also supports, get the guidance they need to achieve dreams.

Perhaps I’m biased, after just reading her book, but Jane Couch is what women’s boxing is all about. Without her where would us British girls be? Most, probably, would have just given up!

Henry: Who inspired you most in your life, your biggest influence?

Lianne: My Dad is my biggest influence. He’s laid back like me but works hard for what he wants and hasn’t let obstacles hold him back in life. I have a lot of respect for my Dad and I know he’s massively proud of me.

Henry: Do you have a timescale for your career and the titles?

Lianne: My timescale is probably unique in that I’m 33 and have just turned over. I’m still waiting for my debut! Age is nothing though and I train hard, I don’t have a big amateur past and I’ve not had years of taking shots and cutting weight. So, I feel fresh and strong enough to see a long career through when it finally gets going.

I’ll retire when I know it’s time for my health and I’ll take the fights and title opportunities at the right time too. For me it’s not about chasing big money fights, I’m here because I love it and I’m doing well.

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