MTK Global Partners With Muscle Food

MTK Global Partners With Muscle Food

MTK Global is delighted to announce a partnership with leading meal, nutrition and supplement brand MuscleFood.

MuscleFood are a company passionate about sport and nutrition, not only in terms of fitness, but also in helping athletes and the health-conscious reach and maintain their goals and ambitions.

They provide award-winning healthy online food delivery, including premium meats and well-balanced ready meals, seeing them become the number one choice for athletes throughout the UK.

The partnership sees MuscleFood team up with specific MTK fighters and trainers to provide their meal plans, including Tyrone McKenna, Michael McKinson, Liam Conroy, Tyrone McCullagh, Kieran Smith, Siar Ozgul, Larry Ekundayo, Mark McKeown, Danny Vaughan, Derry Mathews and Johnny Roye.

Along with the meal plans, MuscleFood will also provide a complete weight cutting package to the fighters, and both parties are thrilled with the new partnership.

MTK Global Chief Strategy Officer Paul Gibson said: “We’re pleased to be teaming up with MuscleFood to start this new venture. They’re the leaders in healthy meals, nutrition and supplements so it is a perfect fit for MTK Global.

“Dieting and cutting weight is an essential part of a boxer’s preparation for a fight, so we’re happy to have this new partnership with MuscleFood in place to help get the best for our athletes.”

MuscleFood Head of Partnerships Loic Perusset added: “As a brand MuscleFood aim to provide customers with everything they need to reach their health and fitness goals, which is why partnering with MTK Global felt very natural. 

“Not only will we be able to help MTK athletes by providing them with weekly, quality nutritious meal plans but we’ve also teamed up with MTK to put together a complete weight cutting package that will help not just athletes, but anyone wanting to lose weight or get in shape by providing them with every meal and snack they need delivered to their door.”

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