Megan Morris: “I Want To Fight Until I Can’t Fight Anymore”

Megan Morris: “I Want To Fight Until I Can’t Fight Anymore”

By Ella Fenwick

With the sporting world on standby and everyone still adapting to this “new” normal, it is no surprise many athlete’s careers are sitting on hold, waiting on a call for their next time to shine.

One fighter who currently finds herself pondering in this position, is newly turned professional MMA fighter Megan Morris.

After receiving a professional contract in January and the COVID-19 outbreak turning everything south in March, Morris has been left without even the slightest taste of what her new opportunity has in store.

Boasting a world championship gold medal and an 8-4-0 scorecard in her corner, Morris looks like she will be quite the firecracker to watch out for in the ring.

Despite her current achievements and bubbly personality, Morris hasn’t always been this confident.

“When I was younger I really thought very little of myself, I had no confidence, I wasn’t really much of an athlete, I was quite a chubby kid back then. I never thought I could do much or aspire to much.”

The way Morris pictured herself all changed when she began training MMA five years ago while studying at college. Although balancing college work, a part time job and fighting wasn’t as easy as it seemed, Morris caught the MMA fever and couldn’t get enough.

“I try and work everything around fighting rather than work fighting round everything else. It is all I want to do. I want to fight until I can’t fight anymore.”

Even after starting off her amateur career strong with two brilliant wins, Morris found it wasn’t always smooth sailing as her self-doubt creeped in to try and get the better of her.

“After my first loss, it was a literal mental smack in the face. I really thought I had started off well. My last two fights I had won them, so I was just thinking at the time like this is great I am on a winning streak. The first loss really knocked me back, that put a lot of doubt in my head but it also encouraged me to want to work harder just to be better so it didn’t happen again.”

Shortly after Morris brought home another win to add to her scorecard but after her second loss she began to question her path in fighting.

“Throughout the fight she just constantly calf kicked me and literally shut me down for the whole fight. I was just thinking this is so painful, I can’t deal with this why do I not know how to deal with this. After that fight, I just thought I shouldn’t be here. I am not a fighter. I couldn’t deal with that, I had no answers for it. It took me a while to come back from that loss.

“Afterwards I went to the IMMAF team trials when the coach, Joanne Doyle had invited me down because she had a lot of faith in me. I wasn’t used to that, somebody having that much faith in me. I went down and that is when I started to train and I won those two fights which made me feel amazing again”

Another stumble took Morris by surprise when struggling to find fights and moving gyms, she found herself struggling with motivation for the next tournament lined up abroad, but that was soon to change.

“My confidence it was out the window, I was struggling but I remember winning the first fight thinking wow what a relief at least I have won one that is fine. Then I won the second and I thought wow I am doing alright you know. On the third win, I was like oh my god, my confidence was back. The last one I did lose but I was still so buzzing about the other three it didn’t matter. “

Despite the ongoing battle with her confidence Morris is a positive individual who always seems to bring it all back to her passion for fighting and will not be giving up on her dreams anytime soon.

“Going to the gym is my favourite part of the day, just training and being around my friends and fighting, competing the whole team aspect of it all. I do have conversations with myself like why am I fighting and I tell myself it is because you love it and I look back at what all this sport has given me. It is what I want. “

Morris dreams big and like most fighters wants to see herself on a UFC fight card in the near future. However, Morris is much more than an amazing fighter and chatty individual, and was keen to mention her dream goal following in the path of her inspiration who saved her from losing her battle to self-doubt.

“I used to really have like no confidence or aspiration, I just want to be the one girls can look up to. Now I have Joanne Doyle, I have her to look up to, I think the world of her and she is the reason I went to the IMAFF, and I think she is the reason I did so well was because of her belief in me.

“My goal is more to be an inspiration for girls with little to now confidence thinking that they can’t achieve anything. I really want to encourage young girls that were like me, that it is possible and when you achieve those goals it feels amazing and just makes you want more. I want to be an inspiration for girls like that. It is more than possible that you can do it.”

So, when we will be seeing this new exciting talent and lovable character in the ring?

In the current times of uncertainty, Morris has remained eager to get back into the ring to show everyone what she is about. Unfortunately, with ever changing restrictions many fighters have been left unsure about what future fights they have in store.

“I wish I knew, I don’t know nothing is confirmed, I am looking at shows. I have been hoping for Probellum on October 31st. Everything is up in the air at the minute but I guess we will have to wait and see. I mean I just turned pro at the beginning of this year so was looking forward to fight at Probellum.

“At the end of the day, I am still grateful that I still have a job, and I still have somewhere to live and I can still train so I try not to whinge too much.”

Most certainly Morris will be one to look out for when she gets stuck into her professional career and it will be exciting to see where her raw talent will take her on this MMA journey over the next few years.

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