The Scarcity Of Israel Adesanya’s Title Aspirations

The Scarcity Of Israel Adesanya’s Title Aspirations

By James Lee

There is limited doubt that the landscape of mixed martial arts has changed in an instrumental sense since its early beginnings. As brutal tendencies formed the initial identity of Art Davie’s vision, the current scene bestows those with a higher level of skill, as the essence of unpredictability persists as a requirement.

However, as a notable increase in monetary gain has heightened consequences, it is becoming rarer that compliance to compete without ideal circumstance transpires; perhaps rightfully as the combat outlet transcends into the mainstream.

Though as boxing has fallen in popularity because the best fight one another too infrequently, mixed martial arts could be said to be moving into that related mould, as the initiative to save status continues to thrive.

Nevertheless, this weekend’s main event will showcase the most appealing figurehead for the earlier version of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, being somebody who fights anybody without constraint. 

With that, Israel Adesanya is a real-life game console character. He supplies a striking presence with the precision of a marksman whose composure in definitive moments is unmatched. His zeal to fight at any occasion bodes well into that rarely found character mix.

As a championship path usually throws up what most would deem uncompromisable challenges, the Nigerian eases past them. A small but trivial blip in Atlanta was quickly rectified by a left hand in Melbourne. The concise demolition of Robert Whittaker to unify the middleweight division intensified the alluring icon standing he is continously establishing. 

Aside from his ability though, his willingness to endure Paulo Costa this coming weekend and Yoel Romero prior with little pressure to do so is the most impressive. Romero is usually the first name most avoid, but the champion called for it, even convincing those matchmaking who were not infatuated by the idea.

Defending a title has become not enough for a champion to amass mainstream attention anymore, but as notable names have become disliked due to their lack of enthusiasm to face those deserving and instead seek those who appeal to them personally, Adesanya is opposingly well-received.

As he has become a luminary in the space already, it would be entirely acceptable for him to pursue those different and conceivably more appealing avenues. Yet, he has refreshingly and unfamiliarly instead noted that those fights will come in the future.

Therefore, and as he draws from a path rarely sought after, his stature continues to grow. This weekend sees the feared and undefeated Paulo Costa stand across from him to begin the UFC’s second stint on Yas Island.

Importantly though, as Anderson Silva held a hefty reign over the middleweight division for a large portion of its entirety, a new chapter of excellence has begun. 

A chapter in which the UFC’s most dreaded line up frequently and Adesanya continues to knock them down. Repeatedly and regularly.

Consequently, Adesanya has everything necessary to become the most poignant athlete to ever invade the eight-sided combat arena. 

His striking is already alongside some of the best in history, but that sentiment to fight anybody could be the separating factor between him and the rest currently occupying the status summit.

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