Danny Williams Warns Roy Jones!

Danny Williams Warns Roy Jones!

By Henry Walter

Former British and Commonwealth heavyweight Champion Danny Williams has warned Roy Jones Jr that Mike Tyson will be looking for the KO in their upcoming exhibition match.

Former world champions, Mike Tyson and Roy Jones, are scheduled to lock horns in a charity “exhibition match” scheduled for November.

Williams, who famously beat Tyson by knockout in a 2004 non title fight, today warned:

“I think Roy is going to get seriously hurt. He is a natural middleweight.”

Despite the natural high profile nature of their exhibition, it has been previously unclear just how hard the two will go in the match but both seem to be taking the event extremely seriously.

Williams, for his part, knows all about Tyson’s lauded power, having been rocked by him in the first round of their bout. He later said that Tyson was the biggest puncher he had ever faced.

Williams’ comments will come as a stark warning to Jones, who has previously been knocked out on five occasions, that he has to be extremely wary of Tyson’s power.

With a combined age of 105 years, Tyson and Jones will be far removed from anything close to their best. However, their contest is still interesting and any boxing fan or critic who claims they aren’t at least curious of the outcome is lying.

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