The End For Danny Williams?

The End For Danny Williams?

At 47, Danny Williams has finally brought his boxing career to an end, hopefully, this time he means it.

On Friday night in Moscow, Sergey Kharitonov stopped Williams in two rounds. Kharitonov pleaded with the referee to stop the fight with his opponent dazed and hopeless, many more would have hoped we wouldn’t have come this far.

Williams said in 2008 he was a ‘shot’ fighter, the British Boxing Board of Control refused to grant him a licence to fight, he went elsewhere.

With his children in private education and a mortgage to pay Williams said he needed to fight. The decline was long and painful, Williams still had the name but little else.

Williams leaves the sport with 54 wins and 29 defeats, that might not tell the whole story. In 2010 he only had 9 losses on his record.

A former British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion, Williams also challenged for the European and world heavyweight titles. A famous win over a faded Mike Tyson in 2004, the obvious highlight of his peak years. When Tyson launched his ‘comeback’ earlier this year Williams offered himself up as an opponent to welcome Tyson back to the ring.

It’s all too easy to forget those peak years, but we should remember his prime and not that long decline.

Dereck Chisora beat Williams in 2010 and that should have been the end. But Williams returned to what he knew, maybe the only thing he knew. At one time 9 straight defeats weakened his record, and dimmed what he once was. But Williams kept going, bills to pay, his pride leaving him with every trip to the well.

Boxing should do more for the likes of Williams, protecting at the end, help all the way through. Williams is another sad tale to the many before him, sadly more will follow.

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