Dec Spelman: “This Fight Is Now A Win-Win

Dec Spelman: “This Fight Is Now A Win-Win

By Jack Rainbow

Nearly two months after his valiant yet fruitless loss to Lyndon Arthur, Dec Spelman finds himself headlining another BT sports card against the highly-rated Anthony Yarde. This is despite his experience in the prior mentioned Arthur fight:

“It was frustrating, but you have to look at the pedigree of the guy, a GB fighter, and I suppose my fight with him was his first proper test. I honestly thought he would stand and have a battle and he didn’t do that at all. He told me he was going to knock me out in four rounds and I got quite excited but he knew in there all he had to do was move on his jab.”

Dec seemed comforted in the fact he feels lessons have been learned from that fight:

“Yeah, there is always learning. A loss is always learning. In the build-up my weight was high, and I was only training to get the weight off, but it was too big of an opportunity to turn down. On the night it felt like I was moving through the water, I couldn’t get through the gears but we know what why, and coming straight off the back of that means we have been able to fine-tune. Against Shakan Pitters and Lyndon, I was against GB fighters with high boxing IQ, but this one will be a very different fight.”

This frantic two-month period comes off the back of a lockdown experience which saw Dec struggle to stay in shape:

“It was a tough mate to be fair, I mean obviously you can do your cardio and the stuff you should be doing as a professional fighter but I didn’t even have anywhere to have a bag, I had to do a full scaffold set up just to hit a bag! Once I got into the swing of things, and Fight Nights got announced it get into my head abit”

Then as Boxing began to return, things got interesting for Dec, including one very left-field fight offer:

“Before the Arthur fight  I was offered a fight in Belarus for the WBO intercontinental in the first week in August, and we were training for that, and then that opportunity came along. Off the back of my loss, Al Siesta then offered us the fight in Russia in October, and then I got straight back in the gym, then before long, they were in touch about the Yarde fight in three weeks! I had to ask them to check my weight, and luckily it was really good and then we did some negotiating on the purse and got it very good!”  

“This fight is now a win-win. Everyone is expecting me to get knocked me out which is crazy but if I go out and put in a good performance, I am winning, and there’s no belt on the line just a big name.”

The skeptical public belief in Dec’s chances of causing the upset have only fueled him further:

“Yeah, it has motivated me, my coach Carl can tell I have the bit between my teeth it has really motivated me. If you talk to boxing people they know its not a whitewash. If you break down the guy’s record which we have, it shows there are chinks in the armor. He may be the real deal but we don’t know yet. He got smashed by Kovalev, a shot to bits Kovalev, and I’m not saying he didn’t put in a good performance because he did but I believe a lot of fighters domestically would have beaten Kovalev, and it showed when Canelo dispatched him. Now obviously Canelo is an all-time great but it is an interesting one this fight with a lot of factors.”

Naturally in Dec being a common opponent, comparisons will be made between Lyndon Arthur and Anthony Yarde based on the outcome of their fight on Saturday. Dec already believes Arthur to be the superior boxer, however:

“I think Yarde will be the biggest puncher I have ever been in with, or I am preparing for him to be the biggest puncher, but yeah I don’t rate Yarde any higher than Shakar Pitters or even a Kirk Gardey, why would I? I know he has been in there for a world title but it was the way he got to it through the WBO boxing super-middle’s, I believe it’s going to be interesting.”

In being the main event in two BT shows in two months, Dec has already long beaten his original career goals. 

“I am no glitz no glimmer, and that’s why I have a good following around my area. What a story it would be if I did the unthinkable. When I turned over, I turned over to be a journeyman. I never dreamed of being a headliner, and here I am two in 6 weeks!”

Dec’s coach Carl Greaves has come out and called this fight one with the “pressure off”. This is seen as more than fair:

“Definitely, I have changed. I am in a very good place and a happy fighter is a very good fighter, and trust me for the Arthur fight I was not a happy fighter! I was mardy and dehydrated. I have never felt this good a week out from the fight and I am excited about the challenge.”

Dec is therefore naturally looking at the future post-Yarde:

“Obviously Frank Warren will have options, I’d is signed to Warren anyway if I won. We actually have plans if we don’t win, with a midland derby on a different channel, but either way, I am looking at the future. I am in a good position at the minute so why not capitalize on it.”

Dec naturally had confidence and believed himself overlooked. This was made evident in his prediction for the fight:

“I said this to somebody earlier. If he comes to try to bulldozer me that will be his downfall. People who have followed me from the start know I can whack. He obviously looks like he can hit hard but I have been knocked down before in flash knockdowns and I get straight back up. If he really believes in his hype and he doesn’t believe he can be in a fight, then I believe I can knock him out. I’ve never been down and quit unlike him, at world-level but still!’

One thing apparent throughout the interview was that his confidence was genuine. With much of the post-fight talk unfairly scathing of Dec’s chances, the Scunthorpe local will believe he can expose Yarde as overhyped live on BT Sport on Saturday night.

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