Dillian Whyte: One Last Roll Of The Dice

Dillian Whyte: One Last Roll Of The Dice

Eddie Hearn’s Fight Camp winds down on Saturday evening. A risky concept, but a gamble that has undoubtedly paid off.

Dillian Whyte headlines the final bell of the backyard brawls and for the in perpetuity mandatory WBC heavyweight contender, it is another roll of the dice in his quest to finally nail down his long-awaited opportunity.

Sympathy is hard to find in boxing, but Whyte deserves that in regards to his ongoing battle with the WBC. But Whyte did turn down an offer to rematch Joshua, a decision he still may live to regret. The offer might not have met his perceived value, but will that stubbornness cost him far more.

Whyte (27-1) has been here before and seems oblivious to the dangers of every fight he takes without the heavyweight championship of the world being on the line.

The vulnerabilities have been plainly visible, but Whyte has survived the scares to keep his position at the top of the heavyweight rankings.

Alexander Povetkin is the latest to try to dislodge Whyte from his lofty perch. On paper, Povetkin poses a real danger and a severe test for the British heavyweight hopeful. Only Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko have beaten Povetkin in 38 fights, only Joshua has stopped him.

But at 40, and largely unimpressive of late, Povetkin doesn’t look the force he once was. David Price shook him to his boots and Michael Hunter can count himself a little unfortunate not to have had his hand raised when he drew with Povetkin last December.

Povetkin (35-2-1) might find any lingering title hopes might completely disappear once the final bell has rung on Saturday night. Povetkin has vowed to fight on regardless, but to what relevance.

Nevertheless, the fight is still one of intrigue. No Whyte fight seems to be plain sailing, and the longer he has to wait or gamble, the odds increase that his title chance will disappear on any given night where his luck finally runs out.

Povetkin might have seen better days, but his pedigree and his left hook still deserve respect. If Povetkin lands cleanly, and remember Whyte isn’t the hardest fighter to catch, then Whyte might have serious problems.

But the longer the fight lasts surely benefits Whyte, who is the younger, fresher and hungrier fighter, and ultimately that is the likely outcome. Whyte will have to overcome some initial problems, but eventually, Whyte will be the one leaving the ring the happier fighter.

Once the in ring battle is over, Whyte will set his sights on finally getting his shot. Despite assurances, it will arrive next year, Whyte knows there will be a few more hurdles to overcome before he gets to share a ring with whoever the WBC heavyweight champion might be.

Photo Credit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

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