Special FightPost MMA Fighter of the Week: Daniel Cormier

Special FightPost MMA Fighter of the Week: Daniel Cormier

By Dan McConnell

A heavyweight main-event and trilogy fight between former two-division world champion Daniel ‘DC’ Cormier and the greatest heavyweight of all time Stipe Miocic took centre stage this weekend.

The third fight between these two future UFC Hall of Fame fighters was the first time both men have got back in there since their rematch in August 2019.

In the first fight DC clipped Stipe with a short left hand, which stunned and upset the odds. Stipe then regained his hands on the title in the second fight with a 4th round KO, but who would come out on top in the trilogy?

In the first round DC hit Stipe with a huge overhand right, kept faking his excellent wrestling and landing over the top. Stipe was on the end of an eye poke that was purely accidental.

In the second round DC continued to fake a single leg takedown, using his overhand right but Stipe cracked and dropped DC with a right hook. Cormier showing the heart of a champion to survive with seconds left in the round.

In the 3rd, both were peppering each other in a close and even round. Stipe closed DCs eye with a bad eye poke and this proved the turning point in the bout.

It was 2-2 going into 5th and final round in my eyes. The 5th was anyone’s round, but I thought DC needed a huge takedown in the last to change the tide and put a marker down, with Stipe looking the physically fresher fighter.

Both fighters have seen every offense of their opponent, it what was a great chess match were they nullified eachothers weapons but still provided us with a great fight!

Stipe turns 38 on Wednesday while DC is 41, but age was not a issue for these two amazing athletes who slugged it out for 25 minutes straight!

This weeks MMA Fighter of the Week award goes to Daniel Cormier who is one of greatest combat sport athletes of all time, a two-time Olympian, two-weight world champion and an excellent ambassador for the sport.

The Louisiana native who is a former Olympic Wrestler, Strikeforce heavyweight Grand Prix Champion and also UFC champion has given his life to the sport.

DC’s epic rivalry with Jon Jones will go down as arguably the greatest and truest bad-blooded affairs in MMA history. This changed the perception of DC as the ‘heel’ to the good guy he actually is.

But what impresses me about the 25-fight veteran is that he always gives back to the sport. A UFC commentator, High School Wrestling coach and lead figure at the renounced AKA camp in California.

Some may not know but the two-time Olympian’s first daughter passed away in a car accident in 2003. The heart and determination to provide for his family and push through tough bumps in the road like the whole Jon Jones saga as well.,

A true role model and inspiration for what the 5’11 undersized athlete has achieved throughout his career, in a life dedicated to competing at the highest level is simply remarkable.

An incredible resume that featured names like Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva, Josh Barnett, Frank Mir, Dan Henderson, Jon Jones, Rumble Johnson, Alexander Gustafsson, Anderson Silva and Stipe Miocic.

Happy retirement to a true legend of the sport if this is to be his last. Congrats on a magnificent career DC and one that will go down in the UFC’s history books forever!

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