Shannon Courtenay: Not The End

Shannon Courtenay: Not The End

That ever so valuable ‘0’, protect it all costs, avoid any risk until you have to. So many modern-day fighters take this route, many get found out in their moment of truth.

Shannon Courtenay could have taken this way of protection, but to her credit, she didn’t. The ‘0’ might now have gone, but when the pain of defeat subsides, Courtenay will get back on the comeback trail with valuable lessons learned.

Was it too much too soon, I don’t believe so. The odds were more or less even, the fight to, in many ways, it was the perfect fight to take in her development. Rachel Ball had the more solid resume coming in, but even in defeat it certainly wasn’t a bridge too far.

The difference between winning and losing is often defined by fine margins, and this fight was another perfect example of that.

Courtenay hurt Ball in that critical opening round, and recklessly went in to inflict more. But in sensing an early evening, she forgot her own defence and ended up getting dropped heavily herself. From a sure-fire 10-9 round in her favour, suddenly ended up being a 10-8 the other way.

Matchroom Boxing Fight Camp 3 Fight Night

One punch became a 3 point swing.

Courtenay adjusted well for most of the rest of the fight, and could so easily have had her hand raised in victory. The 77-75 score, could have been in her favour. Overall, the experience will serve Courtenay well going forward.

Devastated, fearing her career is over, is a natural initial feeling, but that isn’t the reality. Courtenay showed plenty of skills, heart also, and will undoubtedly be a better fighter because of the loss.

In many ways this will enhance her reputation, many feel she deserved the win.

Some resented her promotional push, this fight should remove most of that resentment.

Courtenay will return later this year and will seek a return with Ball early next year, it’s far too early to write her off.

Photo Credit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

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