Light-Heavyweight ace Shakan Pitters creates red-hot Jerk sauce ahead of spicy British title showdown with rival Chad Sugden

British Light-Heavyweight title contender Shakan Pitters has created his own special super-fiery Jerk hot sauce to fire him up for his mouth-watering showdown with rival Chad Sugden.

Birmingham’s Pitters, who collides with Sugden on Saturday 22nd August in Redditch, exclusively live on free-to-air Channel 5, put his passion for cooking to work during the lockdown and developed his own power-packed sauce that he’s named Shak Attak.

Based on the traditional Caribbean recipe that contains scotch bonnet peppers and a mixture of herbs and spices, Pitters has added a few extra secret power-boosting ingredients to give the sauce an extra punch with flavour and some added KO power.

Shak Attak can be added to chicken, pork, beef and fish dishes and comes with a mouth-burning five chilli rating plus an added warning of ‘tongue scorching hotness’ that Pitters says very few will be able to handle.

“This is one of the hottest sauce on the planet.  I love heat in my food but this stuff is crazy!” Enthused Pitters.
“Whilst it was quiet during the lockdown and after I did my self-isolated training I had so much time to myself, I decided to put it to good use by making my own hot sauce, which I’ve been meaning to do for some time.  I’ve always loved cooking, especially Caribbean food, and Jerk sauce is something I was brought up with and I love it,”

“The benefits of Jerk sauce to athletes has been well documented, just look at Olympic legend Usain Bolt who swears by it.  The antioxidant capsaicin has anti-inflammatory properties which relieves join pains, eating very hot peppers release endorphins to give you a buzz, the all-spice has properties to help relive muscle and joint pain, but the secret ingredients I’ve added have really taken my strength, stamina and power to another level,”

He added, “I’ve got a base recipe made with the standard ingredients like scotch bonnets peppers, all spice, thyme, ginger, lime juice, etc, but I did some research and found some additional ingredients that I’ve had to source, but the benefits are unbelievable and my punching power has doubled and you’ll see that on the night against Sugden,”

“Levi’s my main man and an inspiration in the kitchen, but once I get past Sugden I’m going to have to take on Levi in the kitchen, really test my culinary skills and have a Jerk sauce cook off against him!”

“I can’t wait for August 22nd and finally getting to Sugden. It’s been a long time coming but I’m going to have a real feast on him and pull him apart just like pork ribs.  Like my hot sauce I pack a real punch and Sugden will realise that when I land on him.”

In association with Ladbrokes and InfinitumHennessy Sports will present the exciting five-fight card headlined with the highly-anticipated Pitters v Sugden clash, plus the comeback of Brixton cruiserweight title contender Isaac Chamberlain; Birmingham super-welterweight and Love Island star Idris Virgo; a fiery Midlands derby for the Vacant Midlands Area Welterweight title between Birmingham’s Kaisee Benjamin and Wolverhampton’s Conah Walker, and fast-rising Sevenoaks middleweight prospect Michael Hennessy Jr.

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